Common Application Essay of USA College Admissions

The Klingon Virtue of Endurance and Tenacity

The phrase Qapla’ means success in Klingon. In Star Trek, Klingons are a warrior race who love challenges. The more impossible the situation, the more they delight in it regardless of the task that they face. This became a trait I internalized and used as I struggled with learning in grade faculty and middle school after being diagnosed with studying disability. As a science fiction fan, I have been fascinated by their raw want to not only face opposition but surmount it thinking about that it is perceived as an impossibility by many. I have embraced the Klingon virtue of endurance and tenacity in recapping on my existence capabilities and sharpening my listening skills to focus on my goal of being a talented engineer.

Focusing on the Details and Finding Strength in Challenges

The primary trait I have since explored in addressing the challenge is focusing on the details of every subject by writing down every task that I would engage in at school. As I encountered difficulties in subjects like writing, I worked harder and longer on them and, as a Klingon, rejoiced in the things that gave me strength and enjoyment – like my music. After working particularly hard, I relaxed by playing drums or guitar and realized that I would personally enjoy working in such environments. In fact, during the summers, I would participate in band camps because they would keep my dreams alive and keep me motivated. Working with musicians some as young as 11 to teenagers, we wrote our own songs, recorded them in a professional studio and performed them on stage for friends and family.

Personal Research and Love for Mathematics and Science

To improve my grades further, I would ensure that I engage in personal research and increase my awareness of the world around me through extensive reading, seeking assistance, and listening to videos. Since 5th grade, I have loved mathematics and science. I love going online to read about subjects that capture my interest, learning about how the world works. I have since realized that I adopted the trait from Vulcan who are characterized as highly logical beings in Star Trek. Although math and science came more easily to me, I still had to work hard at them. I would ask for help from my teachers and developed good relationships with them so I could count on them whenever I had a task I was unable to solve.

Perseverance and Support in High School

Overall, I believe that high school has been one of the greatest challenges I ever faced as I would in many instances find myself in distress. Although Klingon warrior ideals have helped me to persevere through learning how to write my dream on paper, dedicated teachers have also guided me by reminding me not to give up and acting when could not solve mathematical problems. I can see many of my earlier struggles in younger students. As a peer tutor, I enjoy helping them understand academics by helping them in mathematical problems and encouraging them to have a note affirming their life goals. Peer tutoring also helps me get a better understanding of myself and realizing that having a positive attitude at school will prepare me for my career in the real world.

Believing in the Long-Term Goal as a Talented Engineer

I still believe my goal of becoming a talented engineer after college is alive. In fact, I even trust that I could end up as a real-life Star Trek-style “transporter.” I am grateful to have tutors who are on my side and excellent research skills to increase my knowledge and competence. I, therefore, feel I have the support and resources to focus on the long-term goal of being a success in life rather than just in school.

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