CLC Group Values

(What do we need to do to secure the success of our team?)

What Everyone on the Team Agrees to Do

Why Does This Matter to the Team?

Check in with the CLC on a regular basis to see how the assignment is progressing.

This method enables the early detection of faults and issues that need to be addressed. It also allows for progress monitoring, ensuring that the assignment does not go behind schedule.

From initial conversations until project completion, contribute ideas and feedback to the group.

Different ideas ensure that the topic is thoroughly explored. The contribution also turns the assignment into a group effort rather than an individual obligation. Communicate with all CLC members as soon as a problem or issue arises

Timely communication is the key to the correction and modification as well as resolution of arising challenges.

Maintain respectful communications with all team members.

Respect during interaction and conversation limits the chances of unnecessary disagreements and arguments hence making the group work run smoothly.

Complete assigned tasks by the deadlines set by the CLC members.

Timekeeping not only assures that no penalties are given by the instructor but also provides ample time for full coverage of the assignment unhurriedly.

Take a leadership role in CLC assignments.

Leadership directly translates to allocation of responsibilities and a systematic manner of doing things so as to reduce confusion on what to do.

Make sure to cite and reference all sources of information used in completing tasks.

Citation makes it easier for group members to refer to the respective resources while at the same time authenticating the validity of the work

Other: Attending group work meetings


These meetings are crucial for catching up with the progress made, discussing the way forward and dealing with matters arising

Project Management Specifics

(What needs to be undertaken to complete the CLC project?)

CLC Group Member’s Name

Task to be Completed by This Team Member

(This section will change for each CLC Project.)

Due Date for Completing the Task for the CLC to Review

All Members

Contributing one or more ideas for how the project should be completed.



Outlining the CLC project.



Assigning tasks to CLC members.


All members assigned topics

Performing research on assigned topics and writing it up for CLC members to review.

4/8/2017 – 11/8/2017


Making sure everyone meets their assigned deadlines for tasks.


Felix and Sheila

Proofreading and editing the paper.



Submitting the paper via the Assignments feature by the due date deadline.


CLC Group Interaction Guidelines

(How can we anticipate and deal with group conflict when it arises?)

What Could Happen To Impede Our Teamwork?

What We Will Do if This Happens?

A CLC member doesn’t provide project ideas or feedback to other team members.

Encourage the member to be more active as well as emphasizing on the importance of participation.

A CLC member doesn’t complete his/her task at all.

Insisting on the importance of active participation and considering reporting such members to the instructor if they fail to complete assigned responsibilities.

A CLC member completes his/her task, but turns it in after the agreed-upon due date.

Asserting the significance of timely submission to avoid penalties. Intentional late submission must, however, be reported to the instructor.

Other: A CLC member fails to inform others about experienced challenges

Create a platform for which all the members can reach one another quickly and easily


CLC Group Review Process

(What makes a CLC effective?)

What did Our CLC Do Well This Time?

What Can We Do to be a More Effective CLC Next Time?

Timely submission of assignment

Begin the work as soon as possible so that sufficient time is created for developing the final paper

Good communication

Consider the use of technology such as emails and social media to reach other members quickly and regularly

Proper allocation of roles

Team leaders can be changed and roles interchanges to ensure that everyone has an experience performing a variety of tasks

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