Classroom Technologies

Technology use in the classroom is growing and affecting how the students learn and the instructors teach. The availability of the web in many parts of the country is influencing this. The laptops and smartphones are even now cheaper due to the extensive varieties. Many students own either a laptop computer or a smartphone or both. This calls for a review of the ways in which technology can beautify learning. In this case, colleges should allow the use of the units during class to influence innovation, energetic learning and effective use of technology.
Colleges should permit the use of laptop and smartphones during class to have an effect on the effective use of technology. Many teachers and college directors think that the college students can use the devices for communication and social networking. They should look beyond this which is actually a challenge to the implementation of m-learning in the schools. The use of laptops and smartphones can influence innovation because for instance they have been highly used for the language classes. There are many lessons like history, mathematics, and sciences among others. When allowed to use them in a class, this can broaden their thinking and come up with learning apps for the other subjects. This is because “mobile device with advantages of lightweight, flexibility, and mobility can attract the eyeballs of the college students” (Chang, Maiga, et al., p. 526).

Colleges should allow the use of laptop and smartphones during class because their use can influence active participation. Successful students are usually responsible and active. Technology influences active participation because the students understand their responsibility in learning. This is because “rather than merely listening to teachers disseminate information and dutifully taking notes, students actively search for information and make decisions about the product they are creating” (Armstrong, Alice p. 2). This expands the minds of the students more than just listening to the teacher because there are many different views of scholars on a particular topic on the internet.

Colleges should allow the use of laptop and smartphones during class to influence effective use of the technology. Many schools discourage and even ban the use of the devices in the class. It is true the devices distract the students but if trained how they can use them well it can change their way of using. Keengwe, Jared, ed states that “while some students do recognize that they can be distracted by their mobile devices, others express a desire to be able to use their technologies to record lectures and research class contents for greater learning gains”. This means that all students can be encouraged to use the devices for learning. Students should also be encouraged to understand that they are responsible for their education. This will enable them to appreciate all the ways they can advance their learning skills including the use of technology during a class.

Colleges should allow the use of colleges should allow the use of the devices during class to influence innovation, active learning and effective use of technology. Instead of colleges banning the use of smartphones and laptops during class, they should look for ways in which they can influence responsibility of students. The students will understand the right time to use the devices and with time they will get used and the rate of distraction will be low. They will be explorers and their minds and critical thinking skills will be challenged. It will enhance their learning, influence responsibility which in turn will facilitate effective use of the technology, innovation, and active learning.

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