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I was conceived and raised as a Christian. I knew there was death and the revival of Jesus Christ. I was brought into the world in a Christian family. For example, on my journey as a Christian I experienced alternate point of view as what a Christian is. In spite of being conceived from a Christian family, I just followed the conviction of my family without a circumspect idea on what Christianity is. I followed aimlessly without an iota of knowledge of what Jesus’ identity was. As a teen, I had a specific interest in knowing what Jesus’ identity was. I never comprehended the identity of God and I heard numerous Christians talk about Jesus as God. At my age, that was challenging to understand. Numerous inquiries stayed unanswered, and my agnostic view came to me since I knew both religion and human understanding could not answer the many issues that are raised in the world.
My journey as a Jesus follower was challenging. Nothing in the whole Christian context seemed to answer the many questions that rang my mind. I got difficult issues from my Muslim brothers and people from other religions. The Bible was one of the hardest things I could barely understand since some verses seemed not answer many questions that went through my mind. As a Christian, I found myself backsliding and my journey as a Christian coming to an end. The only weapon that I could hold was the faith that I had. I had faith to stand as Christian despite what the world said against and what were the views of the world at particular. It took courage to explain my faith as a Jesus follower to those who were non-Christians. What I particularly believed was that Jesus was my personal savior despite what the world view was. Despite the challenges that I faced I stood by my faith as Jesus follower even today.
Answering what the world view is, although different people have different opinions, there is a different perspective of the belief and existence of who God is and if he exists. Understanding what worldview it is particular theories that the people believe in as they live in the world. Many questions are raised, and only different ideas and beliefs will help the people in answering them. Questions like who is God? And where the human beings came from need answers hence theories are created only to respond to these issues. Carol Hill says, “By worldview’ I mean the basic way of interpreting things and events that pervade a culture so thoroughly that it becomes a culture’s concept of reality what is good, what is important, what is sacred, what is real. (15).It does not only give hope for human nature, but this is what we can describe religion. It is what it describes and makes people get scared of the unknown and particular answering the many questions that many people have
The importance of worldview is particular answering the many questions that people have. It also gives hope to the humankind at large. The world view is basically what stems out what we call religion today. Worldview outlines our beliefs and makes the world as a whole satisfied by the answers given to each question. Particular the worldview is affected by one’s background and what the person has undergone giving him his or her worldview on a particular aspect of life.
I by the world view the existence of God am known. Many things may answer the questions if there is God. For instance, according to the Christian view, God can only be proven to exist by looking at nature and with believe that he is the creator. Looking to what live in the world and looking the existence of natural amenities then one would then consider that there must be someone who created them and is a supernatural being who then we may call a god. As we were looking at the worldview the many questions that need to be answered, then the question would not get the answer if God was not then present. In my opinion, the question of an existence of God cannot be answered easily since even the science gives a great doubt if God exists. Christians can define God as the giver of life and the creator but considering science, the existence of God would be a myth. Charles Darwin describes the reality of life from natural selection this clearly contradicts what Christians believe. The religion does not give a satisfactory answer what religion is, and we can say that even as science, religion is also human-made all this from thought.”(Hitchens, 6).science and religion are all men made hence there is no doubt of both failing to answer the question that God is. I believe that the existence of God cannot be known at any instance. As William states that agnosticism is the view that human reason is incapable of providing sufficient rational grounds to justify either the belief that God exists or the belief that God does not exist (4).it’s clearly not possible to say if God exists through human understanding.
Christianity is a one of the largest religion in the world. It is the only religion that many of the questions have been answered concerning nature. Any Christian has an answer to any question that is asked about the world. For instance, it is Christianity that answers the question what a human being and also what is good and evil is. The property of Christianity answering such questions makes it one of the most and even best-preferred religion in the world with the highest number of followers. Christianity explains that human being was created which at some point I don’t agree of creation rather I believe on the Darwin theory of natural selection which at one point also lives a gap unanswered. Through the beliefs of Christianity, many people have developed satisfactory minds since they have no doubt of the answers that have been answered. Although human being in Christianity deploys the existence of God it is clear that he is from creation then this does not respond to the usual question that there is a God. In his book “The God Delusion Dakin’s states that “the Darwinian Theory is also one of the improbable one that gives the answers to the human existence” (54).So this does not only show the real misery of where the person came from and who particularly is. The problem raises many questions that may never at any time get the answers given. And I am content to think that some contradictions will remain contradictory, some problems will never be resolved by the mammalian equipment of the human cerebral cortex, and some things are indefinitely unknowable ( Hitchens, 7). It’s clear that it’s also hard to say the existence of most phenomena through human thoughts and also a religion which is a part of human thoughts.
The Christianity answers the question what is evil and what is right. Crime and right may trace what the religion precisely signifies to be evil. The Christianity sets some laws and breaking of the laws may be termed as a crime. Evil is anything that goes against ones believe. And right is following the requirement of the religion. Anything that goes against religion is what we can call as evil, for instance, considering the worldview on certain issues that are considered evil like gay marriage, abortion, and euthanasia. The Christianity believes all these to be evil. The Christian faith signifies anything considered as evil is called a sin. A sin in Christianity is also considered as the root of all evil. It cannot also be considered as that anything that is against the belief of a particular religion as evil. Again the existence of evil doubts if there is God who can prevent all these (Rowe, 337). Hence the existence of evil and right can rise from the human thinking and hence all is connected by human thinking.
Christian worldview affects the world understanding by changing the overall thoughts of the people and how they view evil and right as. Again what our conscious tells us to be right should be termed as the right but not what the religion tells us is is our conscious and inner feeling that tells us if something is right. Religion as at one timed as the course of all the evil on earth. If it’s not for religion, then everything would be timed to be true. Considering that anything being right then the world as agreed it to be right even if at someone’s worldview seems to be wrong. For instance, if the world decided on abortion to be wrong and the religion recognizes it to be evil then that is what will be considered to be wrong but any other person according to his or her view may even consider abortion to be right. So anything being right and being wrong will be determined by one’s perspective and his or her view. It through Christianity that some things and actions that are considered to be a mistake are at termed as a sin. Abortion and gay marriage are at some point unnatural, and inhuman Christianity through the believe that such actions are sins and truly against the religion then reducing evil actions. Christianity as at one point controlled some inhuman actions hence trying to make the world a better place to live. For instance, the Christian religion by its own believes and what it has put into its controls much of the wrong actions that can be done. Christianity should be appreciated for managing the much of evil that could have befallen the world.
Death is another mystery that is feared by almost every creature on earth. Christians and at large Jesus followers have answers to such questions. As the Christian religion states in its doctrines, there is life after death. This is a great contract that with the scientific understanding that after life there is death. The Christian religion state that when one dies three is heaven and God. Which I am not certain if it exists or not. Upon death then those who followed Jesus will live again forever in the spirit world. The Christian religion gives hope to humankind and at one point reduces the sense of fear of death. Science does not give any hope since upon death what follows is decomposition and nothing heels to think of which as Christian I would not have any argument to such a fact since I know that not human reasoning can answer the question. So many human actions depend on the thinking of human brain (Denned et al., 2).So the fear of death is as result of how people view death is since no one has ever died and come back to explain the feeling of mortality, So it is only Christianity that gives the kind of hope and reduces the fear of death.
I would like to take an agnostic stance on the issues of worldview. The existence of God or any other supernatural being cannot be answered through any human reasoning. Religion is a brain child of human thinking. Considering some natural phenomenon, one would at one point consider that there is God. But looking others, one would also say that there is no God at any point. So to my view, the existence or nonexistence of God is unknown not science, religion and human fiction could answer this question it also would be wise if anyone would follow his or her conscience in determining what he should do. The point of determining if anything is wrong or right should be considered to be on one’s view but not on the opinion of the majority. The origin of the human being is also one of the unanswered questions since science lives some gaps of background yet Christianity does not give the accurate picture of the actual origin of human being. Death is mystery that no one will ever understand since we have no idea when one dies where he goes due to so many unanswered questions on the issues of world view the worldview has actually changed my opinion and made me toll stay agonistic since most of the things and actions in the world remain a mystery with no answers. Hence, no human thinking and religion can answer them.

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