Choice of course

Some students are enrolled in classes against their will. If they don't make the cut to continue their preferred course, their parents may pressure them into taking others. When students are faced with such situations, they are less likely to give their academic work their full attention and effort, which can lead to course failure or dropout.

Poor punctuality in class

Both excused and unexcused absences have an impact on a student's success. Missing classes increases the likelihood that a student will fail to complete assignments, essential coursework coverage, and crucial discussions. (Francisco, 2015). Over time, these will negatively impact the student's success.

Peer influence and lack of mentors

Young students are prone to influence from their peers, which unfortunately leans to the negative side. Drug and substance abuse may be the end result, which leads to deteriorating performance. Lack of mentorship steers the student straight to peer influence.

In order for students to be able to achieve their goals

They must have complete control in the choice of the course to pursue. This will make them do what they enjoy thus will be more committed and passionate. This will also reduce on the avoidable absenteeism. In addition, parents should ensure that they provide a strong morality background which is pivotal to young people. They should also constantly follow up on the class attendance of their children and not leave the supervisory role to the teachers and lecturers (Good, 2008).

Having a well thought out study plan

Another remedy for failure and withdrawal. As such, they should plan their timetable in a way that will provide a good balance for all the disciplines, while not omitting a provision for play. A realistic outlook on performance also enables students to understand that failing once or twice doesn’t make them perennial losers.



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Good, T.L. (2008). 21st Century Education: A Reference Handbook. Tucson, Arizona, USA. SAGE Publications Inc.

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