Causes and Effect of Health Promotion

Health Promotion

Health promotion entails encouraging people to take control of their health and improve it. It involves employing a range of action plans and techniques to teach people how to stay safe.

Cause and Effect

There is a cause and an effect for each health promotion technique used. The type of intervention chosen is determined by the health status of those who may use it.

Aims of Health Promotion

Health promotion aims to reduce the number of people who die from chronic diseases and increase public awareness. It aims to prevent diseases from spreading quickly and to reduce the risk of contracting them. The aim of health promotion is done to address the various causes, and the interventions used to produce the desired effect on the well-being of the people.

Lack of Enough Information

Lack of enough information on diseases and prevention measures is one of the causes of health promotion. Most people do not have the proper information on health conditions and how they are spread from one person to another. Also, other people do not know the various disease preventive measures. Others do not understand how to apply the different preventive strategies to avoid the development of diseases. Health promotion employs strategies that are aimed at creating awareness among the people and providing them with the correct information on diseases (Politi, Wolin, and Légaré 839). The people are provided with information on different types of diseases and their effect on an individual's health. Through health promotion, the population is provided with facts and supporting statistics on various diseases. Additionally, the people are equipped with information on preventive measures applied to particular types of illnesses. The effect is the improved awareness of diseases and preventive steps that can be used for specific cases. Another implication is that health promotion lowers the possibility of developing chronic illnesses and thus lowers the disease mortality rates.

Presence of People at Risk

Presence of people within the population with the risk of developing terminal illnesses is another cause of health promotion. Some people are predisposed to certain illnesses and are likely to die from the diseases if proper action is not taken. The predisposing factors to chronic diseases are diverse since they can be environmental or genetic. Through health promotion, the people at risk are provided with the correct information and facts on the terminal diseases from which they are suffering. Clinical advice is provided through health promotion programs and campaigns to create awareness of the various chronic diseases among members of society. People are also advised to avoid practices that may elevate the chronic illnesses. The effect is the reducing preventable deaths caused by chronic illnesses (Sassi, Merkur, and McDaid 3). The people can understand their health condition better and the preventive measures they can apply to slow down the development of chronic illnesses. The other effect is that the level of ill-health for people at risk of developing chronic sicknesses reduce significantly.


In conclusion, health promotion is aimed at reducing the mortality rates due to diseases. There are different strategies and programs used in promoting a healthy. Each intervention has a particular cause and related effects on the well-being of the population. Presence of people predisposed to certain illnesses and lack of proper health education among members of society. There are numerous effects such as improved understanding of diseases and reduced death rates of people predisposed to chronic diseases.

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