Carmen Maria Machado "Her Body and Other Parties"

Carmen Maria Machado is an author whose writing talents can captivate any reader with the reading of her novel, which is a first collection in any case. "Her Body and Other Part" blends numerous literary styles and settings since it embodies part of its writing as a fictitious book, but it also looks to be fantasy, and there is an element of amusement. The general image that the author conveys is the truth that being a woman frequently occurs as a spontaneous effect, and one may become entangled in their own works as a result of the effect. The book by Carmen Maria Machado "Her Body and Other Parties" bends the terrifying and the horrible experiences of a woman to finish it up into a reality yet darkly comic narrative that leaves the reader enthralled.

Carmen Maria Machado style is unique in a way because she embodies a unique style of blending different styles in an entertaining manner. She is an American author having been raised in Philadelphia and affirms that her writing is based on the influence she got from Ray Bradbury, Shirley Jackson, Angela Carter. However, the most important element is that Machado believes that Kelly Link, is a major reason for her learning the style that she has grown so prominent with within the last few years. She works currently at the University of Pennsylvania as the Artist in Residence within the institution even though she has vast experience that she got working in many other institutions of higher learning and Research Foundation. Her style is similar to that of Kelly Link. They share the fact that they both write fictional stories and short story narratives. In fact, critical reviews indicate that the strategy that Machado uses of bending different techniques into one piece is a technique that is characteristic of Kelly. Kelly is particularly known to be a writer who combines effects of horror, fantasy, and science fiction. In fact, both American authors have earned themselves numerous awards for their prowess, and because they are both women who almost look alike, many have found it difficult to differentiate between the two authors from their styles and appearance on camera. However, Link is Machado's inspirational characters whose writing style motivated Machado to develop a career from writing (Politics and Prose).

When she starts her writing, the author describes the concept of realism and science fiction through describing the startling narrative of wan women go through. Her Body and Other Parties is comprised of eight stories that refurbish the aspects of science fiction and fairy tale. The first story called The Husband Stitch is particularly captivating and revisits the famous story of aa girl with a ribbon round her neck with the style being unique. She could be argued to depict similarities in her style when compared to Kelly Link but upon reading her 2017 release "Her Body and Other Parties," one gets the impression of an author who is unique in her own unique manner. The realities of the feminine experiences and the violence that is often subjected to their bodies begin with the description of a wife who refuses to oblige to her husband's demand to remove a green ribbon from, her neck. The woman starts thinking about the sexual encounters she has had, and it appears any of them have not been great experience because just the thought of how they went through consume her. Another case presents a woman who needs to cut on her weight but then she has to consider surgery which in the complicates her life further (The Center for Fiction). Overall, the reading depicts the muscular strain of feminism where the wife and many other characters have to juggle between sex, pleasure, pain and personal struggles that degrade women.

Her social media and other critiques have played a key role in her fame far from the talent she holds and that enabled her to earn several awards. A majority of those who have read the book "Her Body and Other Parties" have since issued positive feedback and reviews and other readers' reaction to the book depict just how much of a talented author Machado is from her works (Machado 2).

The greatest moment when I was watching the video was when she was asked to comment on how she thinks of men who write on issues about women and most importantly on the subject she explores. It appeared like an odd question that she had never thought of before from the amazement on her face and her confession that she could not recall any male author who was so good on the subject. It got even more interesting because she turned the question to the person who asked it and advised him to look for a specific author who has specialized in the subject and learn his writing and incorporate the techniques into their own.

The listeners were nevertheless attentive for almost half of the period as Machado read out the story. It was thrilling because it enables one to apprehend that the positive reactions from readers are true because all the listeners in the room appeared to be focused on the progress of the story and they were truly engaged with the author of the book. Many of those who asked questions were just interested in her style, which she responded by mentioning Kelly several times. Overall, the presentation was great and Machado demonstrated her prowess as a writer.

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