California Poised to be a Sanctuary State

This article, which was released on September 18th, 2017, presents some important results regarding public safety and security. Natalie Delgadillo, the reporter behind it, claims that the state of California recently implemented a regulation that limits the cooperation of law enforcement and regional immigration authorities. Therefore, it is against the law for authorities to know someone's immigration status. According to reports, the law was put into place as a direct reaction to President Trump's election victory.

Although the law was first proposed in December 2016, it was only recently approved by the state Assembly on September 15th. It has been known for over a while now that president Trump is obsessed with ridding the United States of immigrants especially those who are Mexican in origin. The law was hence a direct contradiction of his rule. The overall quest of the legislation is to establish a utopian paradise where immigrants and non-immigrants can live peacefully without compromise. This is the prime reason as to why the title correlates California to a Sanctuary, thisbecause the term suggests a place of belonging.

Other states such as Oregon adopted the sanctuary title for a long time by prohibiting the use of excessive local force on the immigrants in the event that the individual has not committed any crime whatsoever. This legislation promotes international unity, and hence it should be enforced everywhere. It is important to note that it also works hand in hand to discourage racism. Such are the acts which lead to division and fights.


Delgadillo, Natalie (2017) “California Poised to Be a 'Sanctuary State.' Will Others Follow?” Governing. Retrieved at

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