Business Process Management Shadowing and Mentoring

The mentoring concept was described in many ways as a long-term relationship which responds to development needs, helps to fully develop potential and is beneficial to all partners, mentors, mentees and organizations. As mentors are part of an import team from BPM, however, no mentor can be an individual team member. As a mentor’s job is to accept responsibility, lead, aid and often play a role model it takes a senior individual to develop awareness, self-confidence, and skills in a mentee, which represents opportunities for both (2016). However, for the institutionalization of the new process the mentees can be the ones who are on a ‘fast track’ career program, staff looking for a focused career path, managers who have achieved a career plateau and looking for further growth, staff who are looking for direction change, employees returning after a break, staff with a willingness to improve and learn new skills and the staff or the managers working through a difficult issues (Michael, 2008).

In a mentor and mentee relationship program work shadowing is a type of activity that allows the mentee to observe a senior leader closely while in action and provides an opportunity to discuss the approach they used afterward, the situational challenges they face, the decisions they made, and other factors. A mentor and mentee can use a method of shadowing in tracking and assessing the ongoing changes within the company by setting up objectives and achieving them, as objectives have been a useful tool in the evaluation of a success rate of a relationship and identifying its outcomes in a BPM project (2016).


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