Business and the Value of Higher Education

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We can all agree that education from historical times up to now has been highlighted for years and has now been focused on higher education for the value of higher education both in individuals, organisations, and in society as a whole. Millions of people worldwide are searching for education and many of them are seeking higher levels of education for their value.
Higher education has given those who took their time to invest more in acquiring higher education several benefits. This is especially so when it comes to business-related careers with hundreds of thousands of careers that one could easily choose from and still manage to make it through the employment life. Ideally, higher education and possession of the right skills and experience in life guarantees most job applicants acceptance to jobs they apply for. Employers in the recent years have grown a preference for employees with extremely right skills but most importantly the right level of education.

In reference to higher education in business and management related studies, Higher Education presents various benefits that certainly make people in the society today pursue higher education in the first place. Higher education benefits private individuals and the public as a whole. The first benefit is the fact that with higher levels of education, people are more likely to earn higher or be employed than without higher education ( Certainly, possessing a master’s or doctoral degree is going to guarantee any business student a top position in the corporate world, and this translates to more benefits such as income and allowances. As per Playdon (n.d), earnings of individuals with a bachelor’s degree were $21,000 more than a high school degree. It is further the case that these gaps and differences in earnings increase with an increment in the level of education where ultimately people with higher learning benefit most (Playdon, 2013). Other benefits unto individuals with higher education include; individuals with higher education tend to live happier, healthier and stable lives (Hastac, 2016).

When it comes to higher education and its value towards living healthier lives, people with higher level of education and hence higher earnings tend to enjoy better health benefits such as health insurance covers as they can readily afford to pay for them and don’t necessarily have to rely on public aid. Although this revolves around health status in relation to higher education, it highly relies on the relationship between the value of higher education and earning levels.

Other than that, higher education brings about economic growth to the public and a country as a whole. Ideally, business and related fields tend to determine the kind of economic state a country will be in meaning that with higher levels of education in all majors and not just business majors, will leave a greater impact on a country’s economic growth and stability. It the case that many economists agree that education is a great contributor to economic growth, sustainability, and stability of a country and countries thrive when their education system thrives (Playdon, 2013).

In conclusion, the level of education we get to attain greatly influences the kind of life we get to live and the general state of our country. Education further affects the society leaving both positive and negative impacts on individual people, the society as a whole and in some instances whole countries depending on the level of commitment put forth. If neglected, lack of higher education may certainly result in numerous problems including limited earnings, limited access to health care and unstable living conditions for both individuals of a country and the country itself.

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