Bridging the Generational Diversity gap

A generation is defined as a group of people who are separated by age. As a result, these people grew up with similar values, attitudes, and work experiences. There are four major generations: matures (born between 1920 and 1940), boomers (born between 1940 and 1960), generation x (born between 1960 and 1980), and millenials (born between 1980 and 2000). (born 1980-2000) (2017, "Generational Diversity in the Workplace"). Many project activities and initiatives can have a significant level of generational difference, necessitating leaders to devise strategies to bridge this gap. This document discusses some of the methods they employ. Leaders ought to foster informal communication between the various diverse groups of workers in order to enable their experiences to be enriched. Communication enables both millenials and the older generation to talk about pertinent issues that may be relevant in a project. E.g. digital media.


The older generation sometimes feel ashamed for their lack of digital skills. In order to demystify this to them, they should be paired with the millenials in such classes in order to create a comfortable learning environment for them. With time they are able to gain understanding.

Flexibility with Digital skill levels

Since different generations have different capacities with digital media, organization leaders ought to be flexible in dealing with the different groups. They need to approach different generations differently.

Creating Baselines

In order to minimize diversity, there is need to create a baseline – an activity that unites all members and makes them engaged on the same page.

Being true to culture

Leaders ought to cultivate generational bridge building methods that are true to the culture of the organization. There is need to understand the current position of the organization and develop the plan accordingly.

I would be in agreement with fostering communication among the different groups since informal communication enables easy sharing of ideas among them. As such, the rich experience of the mature workers when coupled with the tech savviness of the millenials leads to more innovative ways of solving project problems. However, I would disagree with the flexibility of digital skills as this may lead to less effort to learn from the older generation on grounds that they are different from the millenials.


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