Briar Rose Book Review - I Am Briar Rose

The Newest Novel: Sleeping Beauty Revamped

The newest novel from Becca Berlin is a standout for its plot, which is reminiscent of the Sleeping Beauty series. In it, the main character, Briar, wakes up in a new world where she must fight to survive. In this novel, her friends Reena, Pat, and Joshua join her to fight evil forces that have captured Princess Aurora. Ultimately, she must sacrifice everything to save Aurora and break two curses.

Becca Berlin: Uncovering the Truth

In Briar Rose, Becca Berlin promises to uncover the truth about her grandmother. Her grandmother had a dark secret that she kept hidden, and when Becca finds her grandmother's belongings in a box, she embarks on a journey to uncover her past and identify herself. She learns that her grandmother died saying, "I am Briar Rose."

Rediscovering the Past

Becca grew up listening to her grandmother tell the Sleeping Beauty story, and when she found out she was Briar Rose, she promised to find out the truth. Becca, now a reporter, sets out to do just that. She finds a box of old photos and newspaper clippings, and then decides to travel to her grandmother's hometown in Poland to try to discover more about her grandmother's past.

A Must-Read for Fairy Tale Fans

If you have not read the book I am Briar Rose, then you should definitely consider reading it. It's a young adult novel written by Jane Yolen. The author also incorporated elements of the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty into the story. This book won the 1993 Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature. It has a lot to offer young adults who love to read.

A Beautifully Layered Plot

While the book itself is short, the plot is layered and complex. Yolen's writing style is lyrical and beautiful. Her skill at developing such a complex story in a short amount of time is truly inspiring. One of the greatest things about I am Briar Rose is that it forces the reader to slow down and savor the story. You won't be able to finish it in one sitting, but the book will keep you turning the pages until the very end.

An Unconventional Twist on Sleeping Beauty

In this Briar Rose book review of Sleeping Beauty, I will discuss the story of Gemma, the grandmother of the young Becca. For generations, Gemma has told her granddaughter the story of Sleeping Beauty and, over the years, she has adapted it to her life. This makes her version more relatable and digestible. Becca, however, eventually discovers that Gemma's version is quite different from traditional versions. For example, it begins much like a traditional version, with the same fairytale characters, but it contains Polish folk tunes. In this version, the princess is awakened by a prince who comes from the forest and fades into the background.

The story is also set in a modern time and place, with the author combining elements of Sleeping Beauty and World War II. While it is not a traditional retelling, Briar Rose does offer some interesting insights into fairy tales as a source of truth and horror. It is a wonderful read for young readers of all ages, and one that I highly recommend.

Life in Aurora: A Battle Against Curses

I was intrigued by the storyline of Briar Rose, a 16 year-old girl who believes her life has been cursed and is destined to sleep for a hundred years. But her family is feuding, her best friend is a witch, and she is plagued by a 16th birthday curse. As a result, she is forced to go into a magical realm called Aurora, where sleeping princes and evil regents live. While there, Briar meets Ruric, Reena, and Joshua Quinn. Unfortunately, her best friend, Pat, is a complete jerk.

A Fear of Wolves

When Briar was four years old, her father read her a story called Little Red Riding Hood, which gave her a morbid fear of wolves. Her childhood was divided between a Disney phase, where all fairy tales ended happily, and a Brothers Grimm phase, when most fairy tales ended tragically. Now she was in the Brothers Grimm camp, which made her fear of wolves even greater. Meanwhile, Briar has fallen in love with Savannah-born Josh, who wants to save Briar with her.

A Love Story and a Fight Against Destiny

The story revolves around a young woman named Briar Dawson. She is a lover of fairytales and believes that a curse has been placed on her. One night, on her sixteenth birthday, she falls asleep without knowing that she will be trapped in a fairytale forever. Her family, including her mother, tries to help her, but their attempts fail. Briar, on the other hand, falls in love with Joshua Quinn, who saves her.

An Unexpected Connection

Briar and Joshua were once enemies. Their mother had ordered them to stay away from each other. Joshua's mom had forbidden him to even see her. Although they shared the same class and bus, they kept their distance. At first, Josh's parents told him not to talk to Briar. However, Briar never understood her parents' warnings. Briar was even grounded for a week after talking to Joshua.

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