Book Review of "Shoba's Point of View on a Temporary Matter"

The Tarot card for the day "A Temporary Matter"

The Tarot card for the day "A Temporary Matter" represents a temporary matter in our lives. This card may also be interpreted as a blackout, a moment that brought two people together and showed the temporary nature of their relationship. The blackout was a moment of uncertainty for both of them, and it showed the importance of having an open mind and being open to change. However, the card also has deeper meanings.

Shukumar's point of view

Shukumar and Shoba are an American Indian couple whose lives are in tatters after the sudden death of their son Bobby. They try to live as a couple, but their relationship is not the same as before. They are unable to communicate effectively and lose their sense of self when their child dies. In their grief, they begin to act like separate individuals. Eventually, they begin to see each other as individuals and become a couple once more.

Shoba's point of view

In "Shoba's Point of View on a Temporary Matter," Jhumpa Lahiri uses motif and pattern to weave together her stories. Her stories explore community, child-parent relationships, and the dichotomy between love and care. Shoba and Shukumar's marriage is falling apart and they are on the brink of divorce. The novel is written from the third person perspective, and features a tense emotional climax, which occurs when Shoba miscarries her baby.

Shukumar's confession to Shoba

After hearing the confession of his lover, Shukumar is relieved. But at the same time, he feels sick and betrayed by Shoba. The truth is that she had been trying to tell him for four evenings and had been successful in doing so only once. Shoba had deliberately concealed the truth from him. What does that mean for Shukumar? Can he trust her again?

Shukumar's point of view on power outage

The title of the book alludes to a power outage that brings Shukumar and Shoba together. They had been estranged for a long time after Shoba lost her child. During the power outage, they decide to be honest with each other about their issues and try to save their marriage. However, the power outage only serves to reveal the problems that have plagued their relationship for so long. The novel is written in a relaxed and informal tone, and the characters' conflicts are reflected in their interactions.

Shoba's point of view on blackout

In the middle of a blackout, Shukumar and his wife Shoba have an intimate encounter. They make love and kiss in the dark, and Shoba lights candles and makes him eat. However, before the candlelight ends, he receives a notice that the power line will be repaired early. Shoba is relieved, but Shokumar is sick and worried.

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