Background of California Congressional District and US Representative

California is one of the United States' states. It is represented in Congress by two senators elected to six-year terms and 53 members of the House of Representatives. California currently has two Senators from the Democratic Party. Dianne Feinstein, who was first elected in 1992, is one of them. Feinstein is the longest-serving female senator in the United States. The other is Kamala Harris, who was elected in 2017 and will remain in office until 2022. The United States House of Representatives is made up of 240 Republicans, 194 Democrats, and one vacancy. The State is home to more than 308 million people living amongst its 435 congressional districts. Each congressional district is home to approximately 710,000 people. The post goes for two year term. This goes without saying that California has a total population of about 38 million people.
The political terrain of the state of California has greatly changed in recent years. According to Debow and Syer (2015), this has been due to a series of events such as economic recession, the September 9/11 bombings as well as the crisis in the energy sector. These factors led to the election of several people in both the gubernatorial and senatorial chambers to champion for the rights of people. California government had one of the best legislative arms of in the USA in the 1960s and 1970s. The state has a bicameral form of parliament. It consists of both the upper and the lower chambers represented by 40 and 80 members respectively. The political math of this state has not been left out either. With a population of nearly over 38 million, it is by far the biggest state in USA yet its legislative assembly is small (Debow and Syer, 2015). By being big means it has more residents in the legislative districts than any other state.
This poses a major challenge because voters may not have personal knowledge of their representatives which makes it hard to get government services. There is however a solution to this, by allowing legislation to grow along with the population can help create awareness which further aids in fastening service delivery. Biblically, God created man in His image that the human generation may rule over other creations. Population growth deemed it necessary for citizens to elect a leader mandated to oversee their welfare. He knew that man needed representation and through His powers chose Moses. Moses ruled with zeal to a point he led his people from the hands of Pharaoh owing to the fact that he led a sizeable following. The question that perhaps should linger in the minds of many Californian people is "what if Moses had a huge number he could not manage". Chances are that a majority would have perished in lack of knowledge of what was to befall their land. In order to get maximum government service delivery, there is need to have not necessarily a representation, but a real one.
In 2001, there was need to redraw political district lines. According to Debow and Syer (2015), there were 53 congressional districts to be divided up. This was to happen in a divided and partisan US house of representative with the two main parties and their congressional caucuses as the main audience. What shocked the democrats and pleased Republicans is that the division of districts retained status quo. Democratic voters were added to areas held by democrats while this also happened in the case for Republicans. It is important to conclude that they were made safe for the existing leaders. This strategy not only ensured districts remained under the control of the same parties but it was also meant to protect the very people in office.
A look at this biblically poses fundamental questions. God believes in equitable resource distribution because He made man equal amongst all. People should ask if the districts were made to serve individual interests or those of the nation. Status quo may mean that the few minorities enjoy to the detriment of the greater people. The few minorities are the politicians who believe certain positions are their preserve. Some politicians also use their power to deny the greater people the opportunity to be served well. By restricting redistribution would mean protecting their rights that should not be shared by the electorate. This is against Gods teaching and will of having a society where only few stand to be counted while the majority remain suffering.
There have been a lot of political reforms to improve policy making in Sacramento (McGhee, 2015). These reforms represent recent changes in the political history of the State. In addition, there exists negligible evidence that seemingly indicates that present voters have changed their opinions with regards to Sacramento politics. This makes them prone to oppose reforms instigated in the county. Californian State is heading into an election in 2018 to elect the 20 out of 40 chambers seat. This 2017, three chambers of Virginia and New Jersey are going for elections. Democrats were overwhelmingly voted and captured two thirds super majority in the last elections. Republicans therefore have an ardours task in recapturing the lost seats in 2016. In 2010, Democrats elected Jerry Brown as a governor which in effect made California a Democratic trifecta.
The political district shares in the opinion of a majority of Californians. Sacramento politics have not changed the views of the majority. Republicans have lost more positions to the Democrats in the past. Views have it that Republicans must work hard to recapture the lost seats and become more appealing to the public through sound policies. Everything put to God comes to fruition. Republicans may be having difficulties in voting universally for the presidency but it does not mean they are out. There have been serious campaigns to outdo the gains Democrats have had and entrench a State that is more acceptable and responsive to the people's needs. Even though the issue of redistricting reform initiatives is currently going on which is acceptable by both parties, it is important to note that there must be those opposing while others agreeing.
Voting in the Presidential Elections
In the year 1850, California was instigated as the 31st State of the U.S. Many legislators have come and gone. As stated, the fundamental thing that forms voters' decision to elect good representation is the visionary leadership. Electoral accountability may deny a number of legislators' votes if they inadequately represent their districts (Rogers, 2015). God wants leaders and not rulers. As such He gives people the power and the vision to elect those leaders who can champion for their rights. From the figures, both senatorial and House of representative votes went to Republicans. It would therefore be confusing to say that the state is leaning towards Republican Party given the recent election statistics. Shocking statistics reveal otherwise. According to Mckay (2017), California is now ambiguously democrats owing to the fact that the state has recently shown an endeared support to democratic presidential candidates.
Democratic presidential hopeful garnered 61.7% majority votes compared to her arch rival Donald Trump. All the 55 Electoral College votes thus went to Hillary Clinton. A look at today's representation of the 100 senators shows 52 are from the Republican Party while 46 are democrats while 2 are independents. This trend alone reveals that the Republicans have more say in the senate. Again, it cannot go without saying that there is democracy in California where voters would elect people in House of Representatives and Senate from other parties but fail to elect a president who comes from the same party. According to Debow and Syer (2015), the Democratic Party used to control legislature sometimes back and to date. Republicans showed their might when they won the referendum in the 1980s. The GOP further opted to set aside Democratic draw maps on California's in an attempt to replace them with the lines in the 1980s. This does not mean that Republicans are in control because Democrats have severally worn this than Democrats. They hugely won and nothing can be said about.
California Democrat or Republican
It is very hard now to state whether or not the State is leaning towards Democrats or Republicans with certainty. This is because; the recent election results came not necessarily as a surprise to many given how it has ever happened in the past. The just concluded elections saw Democratic Party win all the 55 college votes despite senatorial and House of Representative Positions going the Republican way. There is no doubt Democrats have won presidential elections for the last 8 consecutive times Americans have gone to elections. Had it gone the Republican way, it would have been more of a surprise to many. But going by the recent elections, the happenings could make people conclude "somehow" it is leaning towards Republicans. Working with people from grassroots perhaps could have resonated well with people who are starting to view Republicans positively that enabled them to elect more senators and House of Representatives than the Democrats. It is just a matter of time. If things remain the way they are, Republicans may take over from Democrats soonest than people could imagine. A look at senatorial and House of Representative members who now control the houses tries to answer it.
Whether political Parties are Relatively Even
California has in the past severally voted for Democrats. It is therefore important to say that it has not been relatively even. This is shown in the last 8 voting patterns when Americans have made their choices while electing president. Other elective posts are not spared either. One would think based on the happenings that California is a democratic state. Things are changing and California may soon change and start voting in Republicans. As mentioned, Republicans have more representation in both House of Representatives and the Senate than the Democrats. People's preference and perception is changing. Attitude and wants are equally changing. This is seen when people are less likely to accept Sacramento policy rule that was passed in the house because they do not understand it.
Long Tradition of supporting a single party
Democrats have controlled the thoughts and minds of Californian people for a long time. In very few instances Republicans have been elected. A change is as good as a rest. In the bible, when Pharaoh wanted to kill Gods people, Moses was the only hope for the people. He had to move people far away from the killers. Republicans too would one day take control because there is belief that nothing is permanent. As things are today, it is proper to say that democrats are still in control and have also done it for a long time. With the changes in other elective posts going to Republicans, a lot is yet to be seen.
Representatives and Senators to power
The law allows for fair representation in both houses. This is only possible when voters go to election after a period of time as stipulated in law to elect the people they want to govern them. Voter knowledge is thus important in making choices. Choices have consequences as wrong ones may plunder the state into economic uncertainty. Voters have preferences and choices. They are able to read and listen to policies of the "would be legislators" and make informed choices among many despite the formidable party of their nominated candidates. This reason is enough to explain why nearly all people voted for Democratic presidential candidate but changed when it came to people's representation. Voters believe that it is through poll that their voices can be hard.
Interest groups rating
California and its people also want services. These services offer the bench mark through which they are gauged. As regard to Republican Senator 95% of ADA believes he is doing a good job compared to 78% ACLU. 70% ACU believe he is doing a good job compared to 80%FRC. Conservative Americans are more Republicans than Democrats. According to 114th United States Congress 2016, the senator's ratings had an index of 8 depicting that he is more conservative than liberal.

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