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The projected demand is essentially the amount of demand a company covers over a period of time, as the system reports the demand and the salesperson’s percentage. It helps predict the amount of products that consumers are prepared to purchase (Enquist & Johnson & Ronnback 324). My business idea is to start a weekly program that will allow foreign students and students from within to socialize with other students. I suggest this curriculum because it brings together university students.My ideas for attracting more students are as follows; having special moments to directly share with a tutor, offering them something to eat and drinks, giving students space or time to fully interact and offering other services that may improve their comfortability during the event. Since most international students don’t have part time jobs i have the idea of reducing the cost so that majority of them, if not all, can afford the event. It is very important to know the number of students that will come for that event and therefore our first event will help us get the approximate number of students that will always be coming for that event. We can create a database for saving the details of the students.

I consider us partnering with the university so that it can give us the resources required by our business to make sure that we fulfill our ideas. Additionally, we should ensure good relationship with the students since they are our customers and it is very important for a business to respect its customers. I consider using social media to show the students our activities and prototype. They can also share their ideas through this media and we will consider them.


Enquist, B., Johnson, M., & Rönnbäck, Å. (2015). The paradigm shift to Business Excellence 2.0. International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences, 7(2/3), 321-333.

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