Analysis of Challenges a Leader Faces

Obstacles in Life

There are a variety of obstacles to people in life. It ranges from workers, administrators, and leaders around the world. Some tasks enable people to perform in the timeframes specified. The challenges facing people in life lead us to study a boss with one of the country's biggest businesses. The leader encounters the worst of her life. Firstly, she has suffered tremendous losses in her job, just a few months before the former supervisor resigned after he had made huge profits and promoted to a different industry. The result is, her employees turned against her, and they want her to leave. Moreover, other businesses which integrated with the company withdrew their partnerships claiming they are tired of the losses they have undergone. She is weak, non-negative, and rude according to her employees. I have come with the issues because people believe that leaders who cannot insert positive change and make an improvement from a predecessor are not fit to delegate duties.

Theory of Foundation

Theory of foundation explains the operating capabilities of an organization where it focuses on the aptitudes and resources. In it, assets like skills and abilities benefit a corporate widely. Furthermore, it talks about the internal and external collaboration which fosters success in business. The grounds for choosing my theory is that leaders should be exemplary. Anything wrong or right happening within a corporation is their responsibility. Moreover, the increasing concept people believe in is that both internal and external interactions are beneficial. How a leader relates to employees and other stakeholders depicts failures of triumph.

Empirical Survey

The appropriate method to use in the analysis of the situation is through an empirical survey. It is research which relies on the measured and observed phenomena hence, deriving information from experience rather than belief. For example, if the leader is making losses as said, then maybe, she is incompetent and unconcerned. The grounds for the study is the need to have an experience and not rely on the theories of the information. The urge to explore and agree or reject the theoretical background forces one to conduct an empirical study. It will give first-hand information which will determine the fate of the theory.

Essential Benefits of Empirical Methods

Empirical methods of analysis are essential in many ways. First, it gives direct information since observing is one of the most beautiful commentaries one can ever have. From the observation, one can conclude very faster. Lastly, through seeing and measuring, one interacts with leaders and employees and see what might have been wrong to find. Despite the high sides of the study, some contrasts occur. Sometimes the observer may have a fixed mind which will only record the weak hands of the leader and lose seeing the better sides. The criticism methods will depend on the observed properties of the leader.

Demonstration of Findings

For the demonstration of findings, what the researcher presents are observable verdicts which are outlined as the real causes of the problem to the manager. They should be presented in the form of writing, or even projected when people meet to discuss the challenges people face in various positions in life. Moreover, PowerPoint offers the best presentation ideology. After recording the findings, they should be outlined very well and presented via PowerPoint. The sources of error may only occur during observation and computer recordings of results.

Theory Confirmation

In the analysis, finding out that indeed the leader is nondelegative and contributes to the enormous losses in the company will conform with the theory. Her nature to order people to work is weak. Hence her personality portrays a lousy leader. The finding recorded that her poor relationship with her workers and other stakeholders have also led to the massive withdrawal of partners. From the results and analysis, it confirms the theoretical statement that communication is indeed an essential aspect of corporate success and that skills possessed by a leader depict where a company should be.

Opinion on the Theory of Foundation

In my opinion, the theory of foundation is accurate in its statements. Managers must be exemplary to lead others. They should be influential in what they do to encourage everyone working around them. Moreover, they should have both critical and assertive thinking skills filled with innovative ideas to make a business thrive. Lastly, I think that empirical research is one of the best as it gives first-hand information which can be used to evaluate a study.

Improvement in Data Collection Method

The data collection method is one of the best. The only aspect it lacks is that it does not explain the duration one needs to complete the study because evaluating someone with the first observation will result in more errors. The needed improvement is that it must insist on more time allocation to come up with tangible results.


In conclusion, the new investigations should act as a model to point out why some corporates make losses. Leaders should analyze them, realize their position and roles in ensuring success in business. Also, the method is analysis should be encouraged in many instances as it gives the first-hand impression and mostly accurate.

Works Cited

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