Analysis a Case Study on Mountain States Healthcare

Mountain States Healthcare (MSH), which was originally founded in Utah as a single hospital, consists of hospital systems and clinics. The hospital's success has made it possible to decide to purchase more clinics and hospitals, in particular. They were not run with the achievement of the profits in three neighboring states. As MSH developed and progressed, they became aware that some of its administrative costs were rising far faster than those of competitors in the same sector, which resulted in lower profits being achieved. Upon the decision of the consulting firm to address the issues that could be consolidated. MSH jumped at the opportunity to begin the first step in the consolidation of the billing departments. That is the reason why it needed to make this new operation successful; it was decided to establish a new consolidated office by allocating a position for the department.

Kyle, the Utah manager, and Colleen, who came from the Denver office, were both hoping to get the new job offered as the directorate in the office of medical billing. However, Kyle as the option by the Executive for the position to manage it. That was as a result of a proposal made by his old boss. The process for the statement and the reason why it was done did not conform to the usual means of selection in a job interview. It is because the decision was irrational and based on the values and perception of particular culture.

A new director was appointed, and a team of people was to be recruited to take the positions of the new unit. Kyle made a decision of retaining the employees of Utah hospital and relocating most of the employees to a new location in the office situated in Denver. He made a decision of relocating to new larger building that was near MSH campus. Kyle perception was that he would be a great manager in the position because he had undergone the whole process in the operation of billing in the Utah consolidated office for two months.

Alternatively, Colleen believed that the approach Kyle used was not the option in developing teamwork. That is evident in the case where there was no staff due to the vacant five positions available. Additionally, the system would not operate for six months as compared to the office in Denver where Colleen was working. Therefore, Colleen believed that she would be the better option in managing the office in regards to the past management system. Further, she was becoming frustrated by the changes Kyle was implementing according to the way he answered questions

Part Two Analysis of the Situation:

Different ways of management systems were used by Kyle and Colleen. Kyle is stricter and follows a micromanagement style. Colleen had her way of listening to her employees and was flexible when it came to effecting changes. However, there are various management approaches used when hiring which require the following to be incorporated to achieve the best desired alternatives in management.

Emotions attitudes, moods, and Values, Emotions/Management Ethics/National Cultures

The previous boss of Kyle was not used to make decisions in regards to gender because of the values he believed different people possess. He thought that it was individual’s culture depending on who to is a management ethics that should be addressed to ha irrational decisions based on sex. According to me, it was the wrong idea since he was not the only one to vote for the position.The board felt guilty, and Colleen managed her emotions on the issue and continued to his office where she met Kyle without an even appointment from the secretary.

Social Responsibility

It is the way the managers of an organization and its employees Considers their responsibility by making a decision. That is vital to protect and promote the societal welfare and the stakeholders.chnging the roles of the employees by Kyle, when he eliminated the time for flex since he believed in supervision all the time, was not a way to promote well-being. That made some staff members look for other alternatives that suit them according to their needs.

The Planning Process

Implanting the new system was a challenge to Kyle because of poor planning. According to her plan of merging the operation before the system was installed was not well accepted. The cancellation of the contract of the old vendor was not the right way to handle such problems. He ought to consider whether the new one would manage the workload. That is another way showing how she had an inadequate planning system.

Managerial Decision Making

Kyle’s decision to minimize the roles of Colleen after coming to her office was a sign of making irrational decisions. She had a good reputation on the experience in managing the team. Therefore, when she was not given the opportunity, she felt that the decision made was not adequate for proper management.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational leadership is the kind, which lots subordinates to be aware of the importance of their jobs and is based on the performance of the organization and aware of individual needs for personal growth. That assist in the motivation of subordinates so as to work for the better sustenance of the organization. It is evident that Kyle failed to make his subordinate’s feel more relevant to the organization. He further, failed to make Colleen feel important as well. That is when Kyle promised them that there were no changes to be made under the supervision of working hours. It later became the opposite, and the employees felt as if they were no more trusted. He should rather listen to their problems and agreed on the changes together for the sake of proper management in the organization. Letting most of the well-trained employees with experience to leave the company was a challenge for the management.

Organizational structure

The structure of the organization presented here is off. However, it seems that Colleen is just a manager for a new unit, there is very little to input since she is not allowed to make changes. The role of Kyle is just lying a manager rather than being a manager according to his position. The changes he is making are little according to the manager's input. His focus is on the lower level, which should be instead on the systems not ready to function and for the case of billing of the department backlog and the technical interruptions.

Equity /needs/expectancy theories.

The expectancy theory was not applied because Kyle was not able to utilize the theory that motivation can be higher if workers have a belief that the levels of effort will lead to desired outcomes. Even though they were able to be the part of the unit, their outcome could not be met because the experience and high level of the performance were not recognized on the top result they were able to pose for the organization. The needs they presented was not met with any change in their desired schedule of work. Additionally, the equity could not be satisfied by the way they were treated was not fair by the constant supervision held even though they were highly experienced.

Managing teams and groups

An attempt of having a highly functioning team was observed when Kyle was able to move the most experienced team members who had the greatest output so as to start up a new unit that was in Denver. They were mixed with the staff who came from Utah so as to attain a highly qualified functioning unit close to the headquarters. That scenario led to a failure because there was no proper management of the staff. He never accepted the suggestions and ideas of the staff. The changes were only made by him without considering the factors affecting the employees. The best way he ought to have chosen was to consider incorporating the staff into making decisions to learn the challenges that they face. That was evident when the first employee left. The fact that he was not able to organize the employees and correct the disbanding of the team expressed the inability to handle the Managerial duties as a manager of the team. The suggestions and the ideas of Colleen were among the best since she had an experience of dealing with such challenges which Kyle should have accepted and followed to effect the changes. That shows how she was well vast in managing groups and the teams.

Communication and information

There is an absence of proper communication in the unit. Colleen waited until everything went wrong before demanding the time to have a discussion with Kyle. That is the problem, and Kyle is not able to detect the problem until the end is when he realize about the trouble. He should have come over there with the software consultant when trying to make a final design so as to bring the systems into online. These prove how there was a lack of communication between the involved individuals with the management. There is no involvement of Kyle when it comes to the overall understanding of the mission and when Colleen goes to the office to tell her part of the situation when she storms office by not even able to give Kyle a chance to respond. That is an example of how there was a lack of information flow from both the horizontal and vertical forms of communications in the organization.

Management information systems.

The problematic situation experienced about the case is that information system was not functioning very well as intended. The software consultant was there to correct the problem by trying to set up the system in the company. Prior they had canceled a contract with the vendor so as to source a new one to manage the system. The fail to test the new vendor to determine whether if he could be able to handle the workload but instead but to realize that they were unable to manage from the heap of trouble when the system was not able to work. Kyle has not played her role in the department of communication on the new information system. That can be seen in the case where Colleen was trying to set up to solve the problems by attempting to manage the unit, in which she could not fully do it since she needed assistance. The unit failure is at a higher risk if there is no action taken to mitigate the problem as soon as possible. Thus, from the challenges, the organization need many changes so as to come up with new structures.

Part three- recommendations.

The mountain state health care needs a full transformation in the leadership structure. That is because transformational leaders effects change and make the subordinate aware of their importance and the exceptional job and contribution to the company. Further, they highlight the reasons why the services they provide are necessary to the company to attain the objective and goals of the organization. Moreover, the subordinates are made aware of their needs for personal development and growth in accomplishing their targets. The transformational managers also assist the employees so as to work for what is good in the organization and not for their personal gains and benefits alone.

Retaining the employees becomes one of the biggest problems that the unit is facing at the Mountain State Healthcare. The relationship between Colleen and Kyle should improve so as to enable the employees to realize that they are valuable assets of the organization. The need to come up with realistic goals and must be achievable for the team members to meet. Further, they must provide the workers with the necessary tools for efficient operation and a functioning system to be used. Similarly, they need to organize training and the testing to ensure the new regime can be utilized by the members of each unit.

The employees preferred working on their schedule in corporations of shifts to meet the required targets and their personal needs. When Kyle tried to erase the locally arranged program, it described the reason for losing the employees. During constant supervision by Kyle, the employees felt as if they were not trusted to partake their duties accordingly. That caused the employees to look for alternatives to employment. Therefore, Kyle needs to realize and treat employees to feel valued and appreciate their work.

In case Kyle and Colleen could be able to have a good working relationship with both the role of director and that of the manager, the unit, and the team could have achieved their objective and succeeded in consolidating the billing system of the organization. Both must develop listening skills from the employees. Nevertheless, Kyle needs to put into consideration ways of motivating the employees for higher performance and enable them how valuable they are to the organization. As a result, Colleen should be in a position to help Kyle by informing him of the effected changes on the problems along the operation. Similarly, Kyle must be ready to listen to the suggestions, ideas and improve the communication between him and other employees. The commitment of Colleen is vital in the management of the team in the organization. Thus, it is the responsibility for Kyle to try hard on ways keep her in the company. There is a need to express the confidence and value her as well in the company.

Work Cited

Peteraf, Margaret, John Gamble, and Arthur Thompson Jr. Essentials of strategic management: The quest for competitive advantage. McGraw-Hill Education, 2014.

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