An Inspector Calls Play Analysis

An Inspector Calls is a play by British playwright J. B. Priestley, first performed in the Soviet Union in 1945, and later at the New Theatre in London. It is considered a classic of mid-20th century English theatre. It is one of Priestley’s best known plays. It features a cast of eccentric characters whose interactions make the play a classic.

The Birling family
An inspector has come to investigate the suicide of Eva Smith. Eva had been employed by Mr. Birling two years before. However, she was fired for leading a strike for higher wages. Eric objects to this decision, claiming that he would have given her what she wanted. The Birling family deny that Eric’s actions were the cause of Eva’s death.

The Birlings are not convinced, and they call the police to ask about the existence of Inspector Goole. However, the police deny his presence. The elder and younger Birlings think that the police are playing a prank on them. Arthur Birling is then contacted by the police and told that the police are on their way to question the family.

Goole is a character in the play who is often described as an antagonist. He is assertive and secretive. The play is a study of society’s conflicting attitudes toward responsibility. The title refers to the conflicting attitudes of society at the time. The play was written in the 1920s when class divisions were very strong. The upper class members often did not understand the work and dedication of the lower class.

The play also explores the plight of the Birling family in Goole. Their actions are a sad tale and the play shows the true colors of the family. While Gerald and Sheila do feel regret about the crime that led to the death of Eric, the family remains unrepentant.

In “Arthur when an inspector calls”, J.B. Priestley presents the theme of social responsibility, and exposes the hypocrisy of the rich. In particular, he exposes the hypocrisy of Arthur Birling, who cares less about social responsibility than about monetary gain. As a result, he can be seen as a representative of the capitalist class.

As the play begins, Arthur is a man of considerable weight and importance. He owns a factory that employs many young women, and has a long history of being a prominent figure in the community. He is married to Sybil, who is a lawyer and a politician, and is a father of two children, Sheila and Arthur. His brother Eric is an alcoholic, but he ignores the fact.

The Inspector Goole is investigating the suicide of a woman named Eva Smith. He has discovered a diary that references several members of the Birling family. Arthur recognizes Eva, a woman he had fired two years ago for involvement in a workers’ strike. He denies any responsibility for her death.

When the inspector calls Eric, he finds out that his mother told him to tell everyone, including her. Sheila then reveals that their mother had directed the inspector to reveal Eric’s secret to the public. The two of them almost start arguing before the inspector breaks in. Ultimately, Eric and Sheila are reconciled.

Eric is a complex character, one who sees the importance of change while still reflecting the socialist beliefs. The Birlings are a middle class couple and his mother comes from a wealthy Middle Class family. His father is a factory owner and Eric works for their company. When his father dies, he is left to inherit the business.

Eric Birling is one of the main characters in J B Priestley’s 1945 play An Inspector Calls. He is the son of Arthur Birling and sister of Sheila. On the surface, he seems to be a respectable middle-class family man, but the investigation into his sister’s suicide uncovers his dark secret: he raped and got pregnant Eva Smith. In the play’s second run, Hugh Grant portrayed Eric.

Goole’s diary
Inspector Goole is calling for witnesses and details about a young woman’s suicide by drinking a disinfectant. The young woman had already burned her stomach in agony, and the inspector is interested in the truth behind her actions. Eventually, he learns that the Birlings were involved and each will have a role to play in the investigation.

Goole, the detective, is a very imposing man. He has a large frame, and is portrayed by J.B. Priestley as intimidating. His imposing presence frightens the two women, and the story becomes increasingly complicated. But there is one thing that is certain – this inspector is no ordinary detective.

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