An Impact of Appearance

The Importance of Physical Appearance in Society

For the majority of people, being physically appealing is important in daily social interactions. People in our materialistic culture focus on one’s outward appearance. In fact, it’s shocking how much value society is placing on a person’s outward appearance. The last thing to take into account when creating an opinion of someone is their physical appearance. But in today’s society, it’s impossible to resist making physical attractiveness judgments about others. Therefore, compared to persons who are not physically appealing, physically attractive people are highly respected in today’s culture. Because of the assumption that “beautiful is good,” individuals frequently judge others based solely on their outward looks. Physical appearance has both positive and negative impacts on a person’s social relations because he/she is judged by the appearance.

Effects of Physical Attractiveness for Women

There are many important effects of physical attractiveness for women. For instance, physical attractiveness for women helps boost their self-esteem. Most women will always feel confident and happy when they receive a positive attitude, and this boosts their self-esteem and how they perceive life. In addition, physical attraction helps women build relationships with the people around them because several people will always want to associate with beautiful women. Physically attractive women get offered assistance when they are in need compared to those women who are not physically attractive. Attractiveness brings happiness and helps women form relationships with men; however, they are less assertive for fear of rejection because they do not trust the opposite sex.

Effects of Physical Attractiveness for Men

Just like women, there are significant effects of physical attractiveness for men. Physically attractive men tend to have high self-esteem because they believe in themselves and regard themselves highly compared to the less attractive men. They tend to do everything with confidence and without fear because they believe that they are attractive and they will accomplish their goals. In addition, physical attractiveness helps men build relationships with beautiful women. Physically attractive men have a positive social interaction with females compared to their male counterparts. Furthermore, they are more self-confident because they have no fear of being rejected by the opposite sex because they believe they are attractive.

The Importance of Physical Appearance in Social Judgment

A person’s physical appearance is very important because it determines his/her social interaction. We are always judged by our physical appearance and for this reason, looks matter when making a social judgment. People will always form opinions about other people when they see their physical appearance. However, people should not be judged entirely by their physical attractiveness because what is more important is a person’s personality and not appearance. True beauty is from the heart and not from the looks, the way society has made us believe. Therefore, I know several people have judged me wrongly, maybe due to my physical appearance, and for this reason, people have no right to judge others using their physical appearance.

The Influence of Personal Appearance in Life

My appearance has influenced my life both in a positive and negative way. The way I dress when going somewhere has significantly impacted how people have always perceived me and responded to me too. Many people believe that physically attractive people are more socially competent and have a great personality compared to those who are less attractive. Therefore, anytime I leave the house dressed in different attires, my appearance will always have a particular impact on the people I meet and how they treat me.

The Impact of Controlling Personal Appearance

Controlling my appearance has influenced many of my social and emotional events in my life. For instance, anytime I decide to dress decently, I tend to get a lot of attention from the people I meet who are strangers, and this makes me feel self-confident about myself. On the other hand, when I leave the house in my unattractive wear, most of the people I meet do not even notice me at all, and this has always given me a low self-esteem. Therefore, it is evident that controlling a person’s appearance has both advantages and disadvantages. An individual’s appearance affects his/her emotions, self-esteem, and social interaction because the current society puts too much value on physical appearance.

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