America’s current immigration policy

The American president implements restrictions on immigration

The American president implemented restrictions limiting immigration of persons from specific nations into the United States just a few days after taking office. This contentious restriction, which was supposed to last more than 90 days, targeted Muslim-majority nations such as Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Libya, Jordan, and Iran. The prohibition specifically targets people fleeing disease-related political instability and war. The reason for this embargo is that these countries were designated as sources of terrorist activity by the previous administration. Also, critics point out that this restriction arose as a result of terror attacks in San Bernardino in the year 2015 (Sherlock). Irrespective of the issues that have led the U.S. president to issue such a decree, this ban has instigated a lot of debates, creating a division in the U.S. politics. Various arguments have been presents, particularly on the international front with regards to this ban and they have been explored in the following discussion.

Opponents argue against the ban on immigration

Opponents of this ban on immigration argue that this move by the American president to restrict entry into the U.S. of that fleeing war, and Muslims in general amounts to infringement of ideals that American has struggled to extend to other nations in the previous years (Sherlock). For instance, the mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who is the first British Muslim to hold such a public post in the history of London, voiced his opposition to this executive order. He stated that it is only a matter of time before enemies of the West took advantage of this law extend their propagandas further by recruiting, even more, youth to joins terror groups such as ISIS (Foster). U.S. Republican Senator John McCain concurred with Mayor of London and stated that this travel ban which amounts to migratory discrimination would fuel the anger and the process of recruitment of youth into terror organization that the U.S. has been fighting against (Sherlock). The previous administration dealt with this problem in a rather delicate manner by instituting partial restraints on individuals who were known to have entered Iran, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Somalia.

Civil liberty movements argue against the ban

The Civil liberty movements have argued that terror activities such as those experienced in San Bernardino were not instigated by individuals who originated from banned countries. For instance amnesty international voiced open opposition of this law and stated that refugees from these countries are running away from an extreme condition such as war as well as abuses of human rights and therefore such a ban is inhumane, cruel and also is in violation of international charters. Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, in his post and open protestation against the U.S president’s new and controversial law, stated his concern and reminded the American people that the U.S is a land of migrants, most of whom have parents who entered this country as refugees fleeing political persecution. This ban has had wide reaching effects and was extended to include those who entered the U.S. on diversity visa commonly known as the Green Card.

President Trump’s policies and their impact

Many are expecting that President Trump’s policies, considered discriminatory and unjust, will lead to a decline in America’s power in Muslim nations, something the previous administration worked very hard to institute after the Bush administration (Foster). The president and his administration have made this ban their agenda and arguments brought forward in support of this executive order include Iraq’s hostility towards the America. In fact, previous relations between Iraq and the U.S have worsened as President Trump considers Iraq a terror prone nation since nationals from this country pose a potential threat to the security of America. The Trump administration holds a similar view with regards to Yemen. In fact, this government’s first operation targeted militant loyal to Al Qaeda (Foster). President Trump has argued that nationals from this country, which is experiencing internal war due to a clash between Houthi rebels and President Hadi’s forces, are likely to be terror threat on American soil.

Public support for the ban on immigration

Unfortunately, this ban on immigration has received immense support from the America. Poling information has revealed that many Americans have shown open support for President Trump’s ban on immigration and travel from Muslim nations (Chalabi). Based on reports published by Rasmussen, about 57 percent of potential American voters are for this prohibition until the American government has sufficient capacity to critically screen nationals from the 7 Muslim-majority countries (Chalabi). Also, a further 56 percent are for blocking visas to prevent citizens from the seven countries. The Republicans have not been left behind as a staggering 82 percent are in support of this ban. The same sentiment was evident when former President Obama argued for bringing refugees from the Middle East and Africa to America last year.

Worldwide division on the ban

The ban on an immigrant from the targeted Muslim-majority nations has brought about a division both in American and within the rest of the world. International leaders and organizations have voice open opposition to President Trump’s policy. However, politicians and supporters of Trump have expressed public support for this policy as shown by recent polls.

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