All My Sons Play Review

This play deals with the consequences of lying and is a compelling drama from start to finish.

It stars Aidan Quinn, Jeremy Herrin, and CD Macaulay. It is also a great read for children. You will enjoy the premise and the performances of the lead actors, especially Sally Field, who gives a powerful performance.

Jeremy Herrin

The revival of Arthur Miller's All My Sons, co-produced by the Old Vic and Headlong, opens less than 24 hours before its British counterpart. And that's just a small portion of the play's problems. But the performances are still strong, and the direction is intelligent and nuanced. Despite the show's clunky plot points, Jeremy Herrin's production has its moments.

It's a solidly cast show that features Bill Pullman and Sally Field, making their stage debuts in this production. Jeremy Herrin skillfully navigates Miller's tragic tale, and Field gives a compelling performance. However, while Herrin's production is a competent one, it lacks some of the necessary nuanced details to make it an excellent film.

Aidan Quinn

Aidan Quinn's performance as the surviving son of Larry Keller is quite an accomplishment, as he delivers his second major movie and TV role. The film also stars Joan Allen, who was a break-out star in Broadway's BURN THIS. Although he is more subdued than Burt Lancaster in '48, Aidan Quinn is still a compelling lead.

The plot of All My Sons is very engaging and carries many themes.

It explores the complexities of social status and how the material world shapes a person's identity. During World War II, the United States government bought weapons from a company owned by the Keller family. As a result, the company's founder was suspected of selling defective parts to the government. However, a court eventually acquitted him of this crime when it was found that his business partner was responsible. Meanwhile, his family waits for Larry's return. In the meantime, Ann (Joan Allen) is attracted to Chris (Aidan Quinn).

Joan Allen

All My Sons is a classic drama. It follows the three classic unities of time, place, and action. The action in the play begins in the morning and ends early the next morning, which conforms to a standard Greek tragedy. The play is a well-crafted and well-acted classic. Its cast is excellent, and its theme is deeply emotional.

The play has been adapted into a film in 1948, which was directed by Irving Reis. The cast included Burt Lancaster and Edward G. Robinson, as well as Mady Christians and Louisa Horton, as Joe Keller, Kate, and Ann Deever. The film also features Howard Duff, who plays George Deever.

CD Macaulay

The play All My Sons opened on Broadway in 1947 and was one of the first commercial successes for American playwright Arthur Miller. The play vividly depicted the psychological state of the United States during and immediately after the Second World War. The play was a critical success, receiving favorable reviews and winning the New York Drama Critics Circle Award.

The play is a masterpiece of American drama. Miller weaves in a number of themes throughout the play, which examines the dynamics of family life, the consequences of betrayal, and the effects of moral responsibility. Though the play has been written 75 years ago, the themes are as relevant today as when it was first published.

Susan Webster

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Annette Bening

Arthur Miller's play All My Sons has a storied history, and the recent revival of the play at the American Airlines Theatre is no exception. Starring Annette Bening and Tracy Letts, the revival of the 1947 drama has a lot to live up to. Bening and Letts give sultry performances, and the production is worth a look.

Annette Bening is stunning as Kate Keller, the matriarch of the Keller family. Her performance is defiant and headstrong, but still nearly exhausted by the experience. Her character, despite being emotionally and intellectually demanding, isn't as endearing as her co-star's.

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