Alexander Hamilton Essay

One of the most intriguing and important individuals in the history of the United States is Alexander Hamilton. He is one of the political theorists whose ideas have influenced the characteristics of the American people. Hamilton was the first secretary of the treasury, a member of Congress, a signatory to the US constitution, and the creator of roughly half of the Federalist papers. Hamilton also started the process of creating public policies as well as the American political and economic structures. He also played a significant role in the creation of the National Bank, effective taxation, and the assumption of Revolutionary War debts. Hamilton made a major contribution to the development of the American economy and the nation, in general, more than any other state officials did. He left behind a legacy, which continues to have a significant influence on the United States of America today.

I choose Alexander Hamilton because he had a great influence in designing the US financial systems and the Federal institutions that have helped to amalgamate the states into a nation as well as putting it on the road towards an industrial economy. He ensured that the US manufacturing economy was built on secure financial principles because he established a financial system that was stable. In fact, he is known as the “America’s financial genius” (Harper 34). Through his values, non-stop writings, and outspoken values, Hamilton established his name as a great man in America in addition to helping make America. Alexander Hamilton believed in America, and for this reason, he helped create a country that could stand above everything regarding military and economic power. Without Hamilton’s input, America’s military and intelligence would not be strong as it is now. He worked hard to ensure that America has the best economic future.

Hamilton provided early America with a bold and firm leadership. In fact, he is the brain behind the constitutional government with his political theory of constitutionalism. His contribution to the American political thought is noteworthy. Though Hamilton never attained the highest office in America, he deserves to be remembered as one of the leading figures in the American political dream. Hamilton is a person who valued public policy and understood the unintended long-term consequences of rash decisions by policymakers and legislatures (Fatovic 102). Additionally, I chose to Hamilton because he is renowned for his advocating for a free press. Alexander Hamilton was a man who defended journalists by insisting that they should be allowed to tell the truth without any fears of facing legal retribution from the state’s powerful men.

If Alexander Hamilton could wake up and come, visit the present United States and see the functioning of the government, he would say “well done good and faithful servant” because now, American has become a commercial, cosmopolitan, and industrial place just like Hamilton envisioned. Moreover, there is no more slavery just like Hamilton wished it could be, yet Madison and Jefferson were in favor of continued slavery. Nonetheless, he would be disappointed at some point and shake his head after knowing that the White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus is advocating for the change of the First Amendment protections of free press that were championed by him. Even though the lawmakers in Congress have defended the freedom of speech or the press, it is clear that America might be headed to changing the libel laws and this would be contrary to what Hamilton fought for.

Undeniably, America has developed into what Hamilton wished most. For instance, he envisioned an America that is commercial, cosmopolitan, and industrial and this is exactly what America is right now. As one of the Founding Fathers of America, Alexander Hamilton was an intelligent man who knew the importance of the federal and state legislation to preserve the ideals of the American constitution, the political, and the economic world. Currently, America’s political and economic world is very different. He had a great vision for the United States. Hamilton was an important figure who changed America’s history. As one of the founding fathers, Hamilton ensured that America became a great world power.

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