Affordable Care Act and Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act was designed to provide everyone with affordable healthcare. So, this program entails providing insurance coverage to the poor who could not otherwise afford it by lowering the costs of health insurance and addressing high charges charged by big insurance companies in the United States. In addition, the act enabled for higher quality medical services to be delivered at cheap cost, allowing even low-income earners to obtain medical care. Doctors would be compensated depending on the quality of their services, incentivizing them to provide the best care possible. Prices at health centers would be reduced. Furthermore, anyone can purchase health insurance as they see fit. they could choose their preferred providers (Friedman, 2015).

Protection and Penalties

Additionally, the program protects healthcare consumers and Americans against limits on yearly insurance coverage. Also, it mandates insurance companies to continue covering individuals who participate in medical trials.

Health Insurance Coverage and Subsidies

The act provides that all citizens must have a health insurance cover (Friedman, 2015). Those in contempt of this would be penalized in the form of fines that varied, depending on the year. Employers with more than fifty employees must pay insurance for the workers, failure to which attracted penalties. The act proposed an expansion of healthcare programs to include treatment of non-Medicare individuals below 65 years and included children of state employees who would be covered by the state. Another element is the introduction of subsidies for insurance premiums and cost-sharing. Employers paying insurance for their employees would be treated especially regarding taxation. The state would also be actively involved in healthcare insurance and consumer protection controls by providing disease prevention through National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council.

Community Health and Impact

In this regard, the act is essential in community health, given that medical practitioners such as nurses now provide healthcare in local health centers countrywide; hence, get scholarships and debt clearance. They could help in educating the people about the existence and benefits of Obama care (Friedman, 2015). But from a personal perspective, do you agree that the affordable care act has been beneficial to Americans? If yes, and as a medical student, what efforts are you putting in to ensure that all Americans realize the benefits of Obama care?


Friedman, B. (2015). Obamacare and the Court: Handing Health Policy Back to the People. Foreign Affairs, 87-98.

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