Advertising Strategies

Advertising is a fundamental competitive feature in any business (Maasik, Maasik, and Solomon). It includes making a product appealing enough to attract the interest of the target market. Adverts frequently feature on the television, newspapers, social media, billboards and the internet. An positive advert incorporates emotional and psychological appealing techniques based totally on the preferences of the target market.

Survivor man and son is an advert shot in a forest setting

It begins with a man who looks to be struggling to get across the bushes with no food, fresh water or shelter. After managing to get across several high rocks, he gets to an open vicinity where he finds a stranded boy, his son. The man realizes that he not only has to save himself but take care of his son as well. Therefore, this examines the survival skills of survivor man and his son.

Some of the persuading strategies evident in survivor and son advert include the different camera angles showing various parts of the forest and the man's effort to try to get through it (Borno). Secondly, the background music conveys a pending calamity and danger. Lastly, the lighting in the advert is symbolic (Maasik, Maasik, and Solomon). It is darker when showing dangerous parts of the forest but brightens up when the man meets his son.

The advertisement cuts across all ages

It focuses on the perspective of the young and the old. This aspect appears by showing the age gap between the young boy and his father. They all apply their different levels of knowledge to get through the forest. The advert also uses other strategies like suspense. The start of the movie and the background song captures attention (Borno). It leaves the viewer wondering how the man and his son ended up in that dangerous forest with barely any clothes on.


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Maasik, Sonia et al. Signs Of Advertising. Boston, MA, Bedford/St. Martins, 2012.

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