Advantages and Disadvantages of Cars

Cars are viewed to be one of the automobile machines which enables individuals to attain their destinations to pursue a particular mission. There are certain motives why cars are deemed to be good. For example, cars are good when you consider that they help in the traveling to reach precise destinations of an individuals' choice. However, there are also other motives why cars are bad. A typical example is that they frequently cause road accidents leading to extreme injuries and even loss of life. The following articles discuss the reasons why most motors are considered good and bad by using most of the people.
Motor Vehicles and Environment Article
According to the above article, cars have been considered to be good due to the fact they provide a reliable and convenient means of mobility to a huge growing number of people across the globe. Another reason why cars are good is that a person can easily control its pace either to move faster or slower (Blomquist, 2012). This can be done by installation of a supercharger and a turbo which both aids in the control of speed. Also, cars are good since they enable an owner not rely on the public transportation in case there is need to reach a particular destination faster. However, there are reasons why cars have been viewed to be bad, for instance, cars are the primary source of air pollution. Cars produce a toxic substance which largely contributes to the pollution of the environment (Blomquist, 2012). Such poisonous substances lead to global warming which accounts for the increasing greenhouse gas emissions across the globe.

A lot of congestions is often witnessed along various roads specifically in urban areas. Many people find it a waste of time as they stream to various destinations such as workplaces and homes. Further, cars involve a lot of cost regarding buying and other maintenance services that are provided to the car to ensure it moves smoothly. Additional costs associated with cars are insurance costs, licenses, registration and inspection making it very expensive to own a car.

The article also states that a lot of cars cause accidents leading to loss of life and injury to victims involved. A lot of individuals, therefore, lose their friends and relatives on occasions of accidents. This makes cars to be considered to be bad since they are a threat to human life. Additionally, cars contribute to health complications such as stress and high levels of blood pressure (Blomquist, 2012). The health problems are mostly due to lack of exercise by individuals who own cars since they prefer to reach any destination of their choice even if the distance is short. Such individuals end up dying at an early age due to non-physical activities to sustain blood pressure and flow in their body.

Global Cars Brands

The global car's brand identifies specific features which make a car good. Cars, for instance, have air conditioner compressors (AC).The AC acts as lifesavers for the drivers and owners especially those who are living in regions with hot climates (Ewing et al.2013, 10). Another feature which makes cars the best is the driverless nature of certain cars such that they can move without being steered by the driver to move in the right directions. Cars also have good multimedia features such as touch screen multimedia which makes it easy to control some songs that the owner would like to listen to while driving. According to Ewing et al.(2013, 10), Some of the cars such as BMW5 have a means of communication installed in them which allows an individual to communicate effectively while driving to different destinations.

According to the global cars brand article, cars can also be customized to suit the needs of the particular user. For example, one can remove certain unnecessary parts of the car and replace them with other elements one considers to be appealing. This, therefore, makes the car a good property to the owner. However, there are certain reasons for the article which makes a car bad. Most often cars cause accidents on the roads causing loss of lives of very innocent people (Ewing et al.2013, 10). Such accidents could be as a result of the technology used in the making of the specific cars by the brand company.

The other reason why a car is viewed to be bad is the adverse environmental effects experienced in the environment which causes global warming across the globe. The article also states that cars are very to purchase and maintain rendering it difficult to own cars. A lot of costs are often involved. Further, cars do not get decomposed once they become old and cannot be used for any other business (Ewing et al.2013, 10). The remaining scrap metals are usually hazardous to human health. They can cause injury if stepped on by an individual. Apart from killing people cars also kill animals leading to loss of certain essential species across the globe. This mostly occurs in areas where wild animals are usually protected by various government agencies. The above reasons, therefore, make cars a bad property to own.

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