Actions to be taken by Clyde before Investigation

While Bob and his colleague have been released from the hospital, Clyde must pay them a visit to see how they are doing as a display of concern for the company's employees.

According to Williams (2013), demonstrating concern for employee wellbeing is critical in developing supportive leadership required for achieving employee satisfaction and improved performance (p. 590). Clyde might also utilize the visit to get information about the incident directly from the people involved. This will guarantee Clyde has a clear picture of what happened, which is especially crucial given the contradicting reports from eyewitnesses. Additionally, it will enable Clyde to know whether either of the parties intends to take further action against each other or the company. However, Clyde should not make any decisions prior to the investigation results.

Q. 2 Actions to be taken by Clyde after Investigation

Results from the investigation are pivotal in guiding Clyde’s next course of action. However, it also important to make a comparison between the information gathered from Bob and the colleague and the investigation results. As such, Clyde can be able to determine the trustworthiness and honesty of both Bob and the colleague. This is based on the fact that trustworthiness and honesty are important employee virtues desired by all employers (Ricketts, 2011, p. 610). Clyde should also share the results of the investigation with both Bob and the colleague and inquire of their opinion regarding the findings. More importantly, Clyde can use the investigation results to explore possible courses of action that do not infringe on provisions of the manufacturing worker union contract.

Q. 3 Outcome if Investigation Concludes Bob was intoxicated at Work

In such a scenario, Clyde has an option of terminating Bob’s employment without restrictions of the manufacturing workers union contract. However, since there is shortage of experienced welders, Clyde should consider issuing Bob with a written reprimand and warning as opposed to termination. Nonetheless, this should only be an option if Bob agrees to seek assistance to deal with alcoholism such as enrolling in a rehabilitation program. Moreover, Clyde needs to ensure the employees, especially the injured colleague, are not negatively affected by a decision to keep Bob at the company.

Q.4 Outcome if investigation concludes Bob was not intoxicated

Such a scenario restricts Clyde from terminating Bob’s employment owing to the provision of the manufacturing workers union contract. As such, Clyde needs to ensure that there is no conflict between Bob and the injured colleague or any other employee. This is crucial in maintaining a healthy working environment within the company. However, Clyde should issue Bob a written reprimand owing to the previous incidences including lateness. Clyde should also advice Bob to seek counseling assistance to deal with the bad temper and possible alcoholism.

Q.5 Possible solutions that could have prevented Bob’s Incidence

The declining performance and lateness should have prompted Clyde to have a talk with Bob to find out the reasons. The mere fact that Bob was making up for his lateness should not have been a reason for Clyde to ignore the lateness and the growing concerns from other employees. In case the reasons were of a personal nature, Clyde should have suggested to Bob to seek professional assistance. Moreover, Clyde could have offered to give Bob some paid time off to deal with the issues at hand.



Ricketts, C. (2011). Leadership: Personal development and career success. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar.

Williams, C. (2013). Management. Australia: South-Western Cengage Learning.

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