Actions that reduce distractions while driving

Eliminating Distractions for Safe Driving

Despite the fact that it can become daunting for one to fully eliminate such distractions; most of them are avoidable and manageable. Eliminating them allows us to concentrate on the road and prevent several street tragedies.

Silence the Phone

The first step to being taken into account is to silence the phone from text messages, video games, texts, the internet, and any updates that are just enticing to reserve the mobile phone for emergencies. Texting while driving raises the risks of accidents on roads and one has to ensure that a portable device has silent notifications.

Groom at Home

Secondly, it is paramount for one to groom at home to avoid looking at the rearview mirror for make-ups or shaving rather than viewing other vehicles or any moving object that can cause accidents.

Program the GPS

Thirdly, a driver has to program the GPS ahead of time which will help in the decision of the route as well as early checking of the traffic conditions. The voice feature of the GPS will aid in avoiding the circumstances of looking at the smart phone or portable device when determining the direction to go and the appropriate destinations without wasting time searching for the right way.

Familiarize with Vehicle Controls

Additionally, there is need to familiarize with vehicles' controls to ensure that you focus on driving and not getting some distractions such as the sophisticated activities that may demand a person's attentions. In advance setting up of the vehicle's hands-free controls will allow an individual to minimize the distractions. It will help the driver to know how to use it better and ensure proper streaming of the music or setting up the radio stations as well as climate ahead of time.

Avoid Drinking and Eating

Furthermore, one should skip driving through by resisting temptations associated with drinking or eating, that makes a person less attentive, and the food spills can lead to distraction. If one feels hungry, it is essential to wait until you reach the required destination or get off the road eat and relax before continuing the journey.

Limit Passengers and Activities in the Car

Another step includes limiting the number of passengers and the level of activities in a car as a driver can focus on talking to the people if they are friends and henceforth creating a dangerous environment of driving. If one feels drowsy, it is advisable to pull off the road to decrease risks of crashing.

Avoid Drunk Driving

Also, it is crucial to avoid drunk driving as it assists in preventing the needless tragedy that results from the careless drunk driver. Other significant actions to take include investigating apps that can boost the willpower and practice patience by considering safety as the priority. Moreover, making a promise through the signing of the pledge of National Highway Traffic Administration will guide one to remain responsible and focus on careful driving rather giving room for unnecessary distractions while on the road. If one has children or pets in the car, they should be secure, and if they need the driver's attention, it is essential to get off the road and care for them to enhance safe driving.


In summary, prevention of distracted driving is crucial to enable one to stay safe while on the roads. Turning off the phone, avoiding multitasking, organizing the stuff, saving serious discussions for later, use the voice commands and the Bluetooth sparingly, making the drive time quiet and using the Smartphone's GPS app will aid in driving safely.

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