Academic Advice

Academic advice is imperative during major exploration, as college students require guidance to choose the correct profession path. The universities are creating courses that enable beginners to interact with qualified academic advisors whose work is to instruct individuals on how to pick the best majors. It is agreeable that some teenagers at the age of seven already have ideas of what to become later in life such as a nurse or a pilot. However, others have difficulties figuring out the careers they will pursue in the future. In the IHU class, I learned to test my skills and behavior an overview of my experiences to acknowledge the best profession. Therefore, instructional programs provide students with the necessary capacity to realize their capabilities and channel their passions towards creating opportunities in the areas of professional interest.

The major exploration topic helped me to identify the area of interest by focusing on my potential desires. It is evident that an individual will feel comfortable to work in a discipline that fascinates him or her. As such, choosing the right major presents the first step that enables a person to assess the potential passions and capitalize on actualizing them (Hill, et al. 195). For instance, some people are passionate about arts and music, which makes it easier for them to choose those subjects as the majors. The IHU class provides an individual with a privilege to conduct a personal search for the areas of interest before picking the best alternative. Therefore, it is evident that passion creates an intrinsic motivation towards achieving a particular career goal and provides a person with the ability to identify a field in which one is comfortable to work.

The topic provided insight on how to create opportunities for experience in the areas of interest. After determining where the potential passions lie, an individual can surge further and develop situations of learning in the selected field. These opportunities are identified through community programs, workshops, and internships where a person gets hands on experience (Moakler and Kim 130). The skills gained enable an individual to become creative and develops new ways of obtaining the required training on the areas of interest. Lastly, after identifying the passion, a person can focus on further training programs and short courses that can add knowledge to the chosen major.

The IHU class helped me to understand that it is from experiences that we make valued decisions regarding a particular situation. The person can identify the positive and negative implications of an individual course and prospects of becoming successful. Based on the available information and similar occurrences in the past, one can make a conclusive or an inconclusive decision (Moakler and Kim 130). Additionally, the course provided the knowledge to use the 3R, Rinse, Repeat, and Reevaluate when making a critical choice concerning the type of a profession I want to become.

The major exploration topic provides crucial information for students to apply when choosing the career objectives. Selecting the right major is always a problem that most students encounter and in the university, learners find themselves changing their majors twice because of making the wrong choices. Although it is hard to recognize the best major, the IHU class has reduced the struggle to pick the right one. Lastly, I have come to learn that changing how we value ourselves determines our ability to tackle life and achieve success.

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