About Atlas Shrugged


Atlas Shrugged is the fourth novel written by Ayn Rand and considered by many to be her magnum opus. This book explores Ayn Rand's dystopian vision of American society. While the book may seem bleak at times, it's a powerful book and a must-read for anyone who loves books. To read this classic novel, you should know a few things first. Ayn Rand's main characters Dagny Taggart and Rand's philosophy of Objectivism and Regulation are discussed in this article.

Ayn Rand's dystopian vision of an American society

The novel Atlas Shrugged describes a society in which people are unable to produce value. The novel depicts moochers as people who steal other people's earnings and resent those who are talented. Rather than resenting these people, they appeal to a moral right, which enables governments to seize their wealth. The book has been acclaimed by notable figures, including economist Ludwig von Mises, commentator Glenn Beck, and Justice Clarence Thomas. It has also been used as a political tool by protesters, such as the Israeli politician Ayelet Shaked. In 1992, John Aglialoro optioned the film rights to the novel.

Dagny Taggart

The central character of Atlas Shrugged is Dagny Taggart, a vice president at the railroad company Taggart Transcontinental. In this novel, she is responsible for the railroad's operations. The novel's male protagonist, John Galt, is a mysterious man who first appears as an anonymous menial worker. In the book, however, Dagny learns the truth about John Galt.


Objectivism is a philosophy that holds that man has the right to pursue the things that make him happy, whether they be money or happiness. The founding member of The Atlas Society is David Kelley, a professional philosopher, teacher and best-selling author who has been a leading proponent of this philosophy for 25 years. In this article, he discusses his philosophy and the implications for modern society. Read on to discover why objectivism is important and why it might be right for you.


If we think about the Atlas Shrugged novel, the villains are big businessmen seeking special government favors. The first hundred pages of the book are devoted to backroom deals between politically connected industrialists. In the end, these favor-seeking companies fail to obtain the favor they seek and their policies backfire. In this case, the government has no choice but to act. This is where regulation comes in. We should be wary of government regulation of the internet.


As the title indicates, Atlas Shrugged is a novel by Ayn Rand about a society where people cannot produce value and are instead moochers. They seek to take from others and appeal to their moral right, allowing governments to seize their property. The novel has attracted admirers, including economist Ludwig von Mises, political commentator Glenn Beck, and American Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. The novel has also been the subject of protests. The film rights were optioned by John Aglialoro in 1992.

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