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Platforms like Airbnb

Platforms like Airbnb are social enterprises that depend on connections and the network impact. Marketplace startups are a distinct type of business activity since they bind buyers and sellers, service providers, and their customers. It is their goal to ensure that customers have a positive experience and are well served during their visit. "SHARING ECONOMY," according to SECTOR, HOSPITALITY. (2015), confidence is a more subjective concept in this industry, but building it among customers and suppliers is highly tactical. To win the confidence of both hosts and customers, a common ground is to respond to a situation as soon as possible, so that both parties feel accepted. Trust can be built through social media sites, where the clients and hosts are allowed to interact and have a personal contact. After trust has been broken, certain steps have it, however, be followed to win that confidence back. Being accountable for the issue at hand is the first state in the process. This is already a sign of being apologetic. The second step is to engage in a conversation where. It is required of Airbnb to be the team leader in solving problems proactively and work with both the hosts and a coordinated team.

How to in trust in Market participants

For this case where trust had been jeopardized by frequent theft scenarios and slow response by the management on handling the issue, it was the role of the managers to win back this trust, and certain techniques had to be used. In SECTOR, HOSPITALITY. "SHARING ECONOMY." (2015), it is explained that one effective criterion could be having an actionable rating system where individual clients were rated on overall average, where hosts could know what kind of guests they allow to their homes. This elusive individual score is a draw of the success of the individual ratings in a question form. This would thus be a clear and sophisticated customer review. Another is a carefully curated content, which involves detailed information about their clients so that the rating system will be easy and for record keeping and a creation of a client reputation. Rules should be made such as creating a restriction on guests entering the family room and the kitchen unless invited by the host. Having a provision for insurance against losses for their hosts would draw host closer and make them eel secured and in a way protected. Hosts were also given the opportunity to choose whether or not to host a particular client depending on the circumstances around them. They were allowed to exchange messages and get into personal touch, and this improved the relationship between them. There was, however, a limit to this because Airbnb wanted all communications done within Airbnb. Also, maintaining their payment cycles and making it on time would build enough confidence.

How to win trust in clients

Consumers usually feel safe when the state well recognizes the premises they occupy and when it is legal that they operate. With the questions arising concerning sales tax and unlicensed hotels, it is for Airbnb to correct the image and make out of them the best company. This is likely to give the clients a feeling of security when they are hosted there.

Having a privacy policy to reassure customers that their personal information will not be carelessly exposed, and offering the money back guarantee in case they develop fears for losing their money. Also, they should have up to date facilities so that customers can get the best services, beyond what they expected. Customers tend to believe what a company says it delivers, but the real deal is in what the companies can practically delver, not just what they say. Airbnb can create a consistent brand image, where a clear identity is created, in which consumers can relate to. Being authentic, transparent and personable in communications is a way to build trust with clients on a deeper level, rather than hiding behind legal jargon or corporate speaks. Transparency can be practiced by making an explicit rating for hosts so that clients can know that Airbnb is not biased. Customers can also be given a chance to seek guidance from review websites such as Yelp in making buying decisions. A professional affiliation can be displayed on the website so that their credentials can speak for them. These speak volumes, and where they have no certification by the government, then their offers will make them sell. Airbnb can compare their rates and service package so that they can improve their services in line with what others in the same field are giving. Prescreening for both clients and hosts will give an impression of concern, and it is thus a good sign. This entailed verification of personal details such as an individual’s name, address, phone number and other vital details through generally confirming with public sources, and also cross-checking with credit card recordings. Customers and hosts will feel safe in the company of their fellows since the will be sure of good company. Regular clients can be given a certain percentage of discounts so that they can feel appreciated. This is always a way to maintain long term relationships and a way to attract new clients.

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