A Writer, Me?

This course is really important and thrilling to me. Since I am a foreigner who was born in Brazil, my first language is Portuguese. I've been learning English since I was in grade school, but we were still more focused on verbal speech than written communication. This makes it easy to speak in English and gestures can be used to make oneself understandable during a conversation. The difficulty with teaching, on the other hand, comes from the realization that I must really read intensively. This is a challenge I love because I am diligent about my work and writing feels like the sort of learning experience I need. Writing was always difficult especially the spelling part; therefore, I’m looking forward to improving my writing skills and hoping that writing becomes a more natural process. My feeling about take this is course is concern, I think because one, it is not my first language, and second the essays and the level of writing skills, that are required from the instructors to me, is as the same as if I had study English the same way Americans do, since a kid in school. I understand, the importance of writing to become a better professional, but in the other hand, I also believe this is very frustrating having to focus so much on this class, as a Veterinary Technician I wish I was focusing more on science classes, because be a better professional in my area means know more about science than English composition. However, I have faith that this course will pay off and that will be a reason to celebrate. I realize that I may never be as fluent as a native speaker, but I count myself lucky that I can write professionally in more than one language. It is therefore a win for me being involved in a composition course is possibly likely to improve my writing skills as likely to affect my performance in attaining course objectives. I find myself growing into a better writer even I prefer to focus on the sciences. However, I’m pushing myself even harder to get better, proving to myself that I’m capable. Inventory: My Learning Style Inventory quiz result came out as pragmatic, independent, verbal and Spatial was tied, rational and concrete. The quiz was very accurate, as a pragmatic learner I study the step-by-step the process, until I can understand. I prefer to study by myself and do not view the learning process as an opportunity to socialize. In any case, I become very impatient when other learners want to engage socially during learning because I find to be a waste of time. Nevertheless, I have come to appreciate social learners after realizing it is a trait of theirs. My social interactions hardly ever occur during learning. That explains why I am an independent learner. On verbal or spatial learning, I had a tie, I’m a visual person, so reading and watching a film makes easy to me memorized. I tend to think that it is a result of the influence around me that balances out in my personality traits. Growing up, my parents tried to turn most of our film sessions into learning ones. However, I also enjoy working with numbers and I enjoy using language to communicate. In any case, I have the best time learning new things in English and using it in school. I think that’s why my results were tied between those two. Rational and concrete. I’m objective rather than subjective and prefer to reason out with argument and prioritizing. I also pay attention to what is concrete and observable. I enjoy breaking facts into steps and using details to reach my conclusions. I hardly reason on the basis of meanings and relationships. From this test, I learned that I am the kind of learner that relies heavily on facts and works with their face value until something else is revealed. For this reason, I find my strengths as a learner in having more resources in terms of learning material. I must always aim at attaining resources and information prior to making a study if I am to be a better learner both in this composition course and Veterinary science. As a writer, I would like to be able to put my points down my points in a manner that appears well organized and eloquent. I am working on my translation as well to avoid literal explanations in my mother tongue. Because I have grown up speaking Portuguese and still do with my family and friends, I find myself making literal translations from Portuguese to English. That. Becomes quite difficult on the part of those reading my work. I also feel that improving my writing skills will allow to be an even better speaker of the English language. Such a benefit is to me, secondary but appreciated since it shows improvement on my part. Knowing now what kind learner I am, to improve myself as a learner I’ll start writing more journals and summaries and also another way to improve myself, would be reading more books and writing more brainstorms, listing steps and procedures. Those techniques are always very helpful to me. It helps organize my thoughts, which makes everything clearer and more formal when expressing my opinions on paper.Entry 2: Correctness in WritingMarch 30, 2017 One of the first things a reader pays attention to is the grammar. It doesn’t matter the subject, opinion or contest; if the grammar is not correct, the writer loses creditability. The readers begin to question the veracity and how much effort the author put into the paper it is extremely important for an author to review their work after writing it in order to correct its content where he or she may deem necessary. A paper with poor grammar shows lack of commitment on the part of the author and the readers find that reckless. As such, it’s extremely important when revising and proofreading, the editor and writer come together to focus on this issue. Even when the subject is not as entertaining, a well written paper appeals to its readers just for this reason. I have many weaknesses as a writer. First, because English is my second language and I’m still learning. Spelling and translating words and sentences correctly is important for me. I am keen on how I put my thoughts down on paper. I’m too hard on myself as well. Every time I revise my test I end up quitting and don’t submit from the fear of providing work that is not up to standard. My strength is in my ability to come up with ideas. I may have issues putting everything together, but it’s easy for me to make drafts when ideas are flowing out of me. My drafts give me hope that I will be able to present impeccable work. I am quite passionate about the subjects I write and feel that they would be incredible if communicated properly. I’m hoping this class makes me more confident when proofreading and revising. I really need to improve my revision skills. This should increase my ability to organize my thoughts and make them clearer, resulting in better essays. Entry 3: Prewriting and Thesis StatementApril 01, 2017 Brainstorm list: Social media websites and applications I use to stay on touch with my family and friendsWhatsApp; Allows one to send instant private messages and engage in group chats with their close ones. Facebook; Good for maintaining less private sentiments and staying in touch with people from one’s past. It is a great place to search for these same people.Good for video formation.Twitter; Good for interaction on current issues as they happen and a platform for very short messages.Skype important for video calling and chatting.Google; Useful for all information on any topicRespond: To understand how the importance of social media, one must realize the need for fast and effective communication in the modern world. Process, Analysis, and Relevance ought to be the guiding thought to why these sites and applications really matter. It is very easy with the existing technology, to stay in touch with the most important happenings in real time. In any case, social media has allowed the use of phones and computers for information useful to business, education and maintaining important relationships. Skype for instance, allows people to interact virtually by video as though they were in the same room.Theses: In a world where speed and efficiency are extremely important, social media platforms are the key to communication.Reflect: The most interesting thing about social media is its fascinating speed, cliché because it is true. There are also the many ways in which one can engage on social media favoring movement and exchange of large files. It is also extremely flexible as one can store their files on social media indefinitely. While it is important to have print photographs and albums, these could get very bulky or even be lost. With social media, safe storage is guaranteed so that even the loss of hard copies does not mean complete loss of files. Social media is effective for its ability to accommodate almost everyone and at low costs. In any case, it is free for all. Entry 4: Organizing and DraftingApril 02, 2017 Organize/ Outline: Least-to-Most and Formal OutlinesThesis: How social media platforms have made communication easier and more convenient for all. Paragraph 1: The history behind- How it’s started- What was the main focus when started, what’s the focus nowParagraph 2: Behind the computer- Who uses- Why do they use it?Paragraph 3: How does affect society- Does it help to build relationships? -Does it improve communication and the general quality of life?- Who benefits- What other benefits are thereConclusion: How it’s important to develop a system of communication that is able to achieve more in shorter time spans and with the least costs possible while providing safety from loss of files. Reflect: I chose least-to-most as a method of organization and informal outlines. The least-to-most method gives me time to develop and explain reasons why I’m writing the text. It also forces the reader to finish the text, so he can understand and take his own conclusions after read everything. This method is also more relevant to my writing skills because it teaches me to develop my ideas from a simpler point to a more complex one. It shows my audience that I have the ability to be captivating and that I am a natural. I believe this makes readers more curious about the subject they are reading. For a graphic organizer, the informal outline helps me to stay focused on every paragraph. It also helps me create topic sentences for each paragraph.Entry 5: RevisingApril 02, 2017 The author text is about writing letters to grandparents or any other older role model in our lives. We can clearly identify the audience is for grandchildren or the younger generation. The purpose of the essay is to remind younger people to write handmade letters to older generations, instead of emails or text messages. The author explains the struggle and issues they might have when learning to use the internet, instead when they receive a letter. With letters, there’s a more pleasant feeling of receiving something that is material, and you can hold in your hand. Somebody took time and effort to write that letter. It’s amazing how much a simple letter might be to them. There isn’t a clear thesis statement in the text. The author starts the text asking to stop writing emails and use letters instead for any older role models in our lives. The text talks about feelings when receiving a letter or printed picture. But there isn’t any debate or promise to why old people prefer letters over emails. The text has topic sentences in the paragraphs. It’s easy to understand what the paragraphs are about. The paragraphs encourage the younger generations to meet older ones halfway when it comes to communication. It explains the inability to understand emails by older generations as being a result of the things they valued about communication. For younger generations, there is no sense of physical sentimentalism which is the foundation upon which handmade cards and letters were created. Older generations read into communication as something that brought people together not out of idleness or necessity but for the sake of strengthening bonds and making better relationships. Evidently, this element lacks in the modern world. Instead, people communicate fast and effectively use social media to achieve their daily goals and activities. The author does not say that the current generation should abandon its communicative devices and platforms. It only encourages balancing the two methods whilst applying the older one to former generations.I see no evidence as provided by the author in defense of his article, there is no data or interviews of any older people to stand by his reasoning. There lacks even the mention of older people that the author may have encountered. Rather, there are reflections and reviews of the past and opinions of how it has affected older people in the present day. Moreover, the article fails to provide a thesis statement even though his argument and points are clear. I find the essay to be disorganized and would only consider its text a part of an essay possibly the abstract or just an excerpt from the body. Even for such, it shows no statement of facts or evidence and only puts forward the author’s views. Indeed, this essay fails to provide an introduction, thesis or even a conclusion. It certainly cannot make any proper claims to writing standards of an essay and comes across as a story or something exchanged between people informally. The author however shows good grammar and content. Entry 6: EvaluationApril 03, 2017 The steps of writing begin with prewriting. It is a crucial stage that determines how well the quality of a final paper. To be a good writer, prewriting must be done for every intended piece of work. However, every one of the steps made in writing is important. For me, the process has brought out traits in me that I was not certain about. The quiz for instance, revealed clearly that I am a pragmatic learner. This revelation has encouraged me to use some techniques over others during prewriting. As such, it has made me better by allowing my foundation for all essays to be strong. Furthermore, I find drafting to be extremely important as well. I believe this will be the most beneficial skill I have acquired so far. It is to me, a branching diagram with which I can narrow my points down. I can brainstorm, and create ideas. I have also benefited greatly from revising as this allows me to refine my work and be confident in its quality. I am able with these two skills, to refine every paragraph and organize my work to flow well from one paragraph and topic to the next. I find it useful to revise my work with every paragraph for better quality. Another important step after drafting is writing. It is central in this whole process and one must focus on how to create and organize paragraphs as its elements. Writing must have unity and focused on one idea or your reader will lose the main point of the essay. A topic sentence is partly mandatory for every t paragraph. A topic sentence tells the reader what the paragraph is about. The essay should have a goal; it could be to express your feelings, to inform or persuade your readers or to join a cause the essay is presenting. Revising focuses on your ideas and attempts to make them clear as clear as possible. Additionally, it’s to look for problems; if ideas fit together, paragraphs have clear topic sentences, if the essay didn’t lose focus, and if topic sentences support the thesis. For the longest time, editing and proofreading were the same thing to me, but they are not. The idea of editing an essay is to improve the quality and make the essay easy to understand. Sometimes you have to remove sentences or even paragraphs to keep the flow of the essay. Meanwhile, proofreading is there to only fix grammatical errors. The last but not least step is publishing. The value in publishing your personal essay is in sharing your work with people who might be moved by your words and your experiences.

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