a systematic approach to determine whether a new procedure the physician would like nurses to adopt falls within the scope of practic

I would use a systematic way to examine whether a new treatment that the physician wants nurses to implement is within the scope of practice. First, I would research the proposed method to learn how it works and what it requires. Second, I would perform an assessment of nurses' skills and competencies. In addition, I would assess the nurses' ability and clinical experience in doing the assignment. The most significant issue is to determine the legitimacy of the new method using the Nursing Practice Act of the individual state (Anderson, 2013). Additionally, I would investigate if the procedure is included in the current policies in the hospital where the new process should be incorporated. Following the above processes will help determine whether the new procedure is within the scope of the registered nurse's scope of practice.

After determining whether the electronic health record is within the scope of practice for the registered nurses, the next step will be to review the new procedure. Since the fundamental concern in a hospital is patient care and safe environment, literature and other resources should be analyzed. As a result, it will be easy to determine if the new procedure will lead to improved patient outcomes in the facility. Additionally, I would provide a platform where nurses and physicians can provide insights which will play a significant role in refining or developing the new procedure. I would also take into consideration the knowledge and experience of nurses in operating the new procedure. This will help determine whether it is necessary to provide additional training; in case it is required, a plan should be created entailing the time, place and how long the training will take (Anderson, 2013). Finally, when incorporating the new procedure in the hospital, it will be essential to ensure there are leaders and experts in the change process.


Anderson, L. (2013). Understanding the Different Scope of Nursing Practice. Retrieved from


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