A review of the International Business Continuity Standards

After an evaluation of the different business continuity standards namely ISO 22301:2012, BS_25999-2-2007, ASIS SPC.1-2009 and NFPA 1600 with the consideration of the foundation standard for the private industry, I selected ISO 22301:2012 as the most qualified standard. My choice was founded on the three standard provided as comprehensiveness, ease of understanding, ease of application and lastly I developed my fourth standard as ease of global acceptance.' ISO 22301:2012 is also called International Organization standards societal security business continuity management systems requirements while BS_25999-2-2007 originates from British standards business continuity management (Iso 22301:2012, VI). The other two are American national criteria organizational resilience: security, preparedness, and continuity management systems requirement with guidance for use (ASIS SPC.1-2009) and Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs 2013 Edition NFPA, (NFPA 1600).
ISO 22301:2012 is more comprehensive and was designed after deliberation and compiling of all other business continuity standards as is visible from the reference list. It provides a more simplified and addresses the key issues required in business continuity standards on a stepwise basis as opposed to other standards that apparently borrowed vastly from their previous versions (Iso 22301:2012, 3).
ISO 22301:2012 is considerably more elaborate and easy to understand by the implementers. For instance, it has well explained Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model that is effortlessly comprehended. The design highlights stepwise planning, establishment, implementation, operation, monitoring process, review and perpetually enhancing the efficiency of any organization business continuity management system (BCMS). The BS_25999-2-2007 closely relates to the ISO 22301:2012 PDCA and that explains that perhaps they might be having a similar source or origin (British Standards Institution, 2). The ASIS SPC.1-2009 has different approach plan since they have management system flow diagram that is complicated to understand due to the presence of more sections such as policy and management review segments that are little a bit perplexing (American national standards, 2). NFPA 1600 does not have a continuous improvement chain or plan for business continuity standards as exposed in other standards (National Fire Protection Association, 56).
ISO 22301:2012 is exceptionally easy to implement than all standards due to its simplicity and conciseness with only four steps. The steps include a plan that entails establishing the plan, do that involves implementation and operation, check that dwells on monitoring and reviewing and lastly an act that means maintenance and improvement (Iso 22301:2012, 5).

Lastly, my developed criteria, ease of global acceptance. Many people are becoming more conversant with International Organization standards and ISO 22301:2012 is likely to be accepted by many players in various industries regardless of person origin or place of study. Provides clear roles and responsibilities to various authorities thus enabling ease of operation and implementation of the strategic process. For instance, it outlines that top management allocate responsibilities to the different authorities and the proper report would be undertaken through correct regards for BCMS (American national standards, 2).
In conclusion, ISO 22301:2012 addresses the important segments in the most essential and vital approach as opposed to the other models or standards. It has high and recommendation levels of comprehensiveness, ease of understanding, and ease of implementation as contrasted to the models. It is a product of the three models and it worth noting that the formulators addressed every significant account display by each particular model to enable generation of the globally accepted model.

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