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Global Expansion: Challenges and Considerations

When you start up a business, you undoubtedly dream that the company will go global for one day. Much like the initial startup of the company, a strategic plan, support plans and research are required on a global basis. In addition to thinking about the output of their goods, companies often have to focus on logistics in the manufacture and distribution of their products, the use of workers in a new site and other activities in a new country. Although it would be exciting to travel internationally, it is not without many things. Expanding an organization to operate globally is a huge undertaking. Not only do factors like production, supply, finances, and materials need to be taken into consideration, but human needs need to be addressed as well.

Addressing Cultural and Human Issues

Likely at the forefront of a business owner's mind is the consideration of new employees and consumers. Human issues that may come to fruition during an expansion could include cultural beliefs, communication methods, and business practices. In order to ensure these issues are properly addressed prior to global expansion, it is important for an organization to perform research and obtain a trusted advisor with knowledge of specific beliefs, methods, and practices. By obtaining a trusted advisor and taking the time to learn about the new culture, new customers, and employees will have a smoother introduction.

In addition to considering the needs of the new market of consumers and new employees, an organization needs to consider existing employees. "Early research of individuals and organizations in the midst of environmental change found that people often experience change as a threat and respond by relying on well-learned and dominant forms of behavior" (Nelson & Quick, 2017, p. 5). In order to address potential issues of current employees, a business owner needs to determine the cause of the issues. In the case of a current employee viewing the upcoming global expansion as a threat, an organization needs to address what is making the employee feel threatened. To calm employees and ensure a smooth transition, an organization should affirm positions would still exist if applicable and meet the needs of their current employees. Using a motivational theory, like Douglas McGregor's X and Y theories, would determine if employees are motivated by high or low order needs, which would give better insight into how to discuss the expansion (Nelson & Quick, 2017, p. 73).

Addressing Product Issues

Athletic and casual shoes might present a very lucrative opportunity for our company in the industry. However, numerous challenges exist in the global market that may delay the aptitude of profit making in the venture. Most of the challenges arise in the shipping of the products. Notably, the products may require a large space to ferry within the European continent. This way, the products may also involve warehousing issues as major challenges in the economic fonts. Therefore, to effectively handle the product issues; one must be able to prepare for accommodating the change. Global market will present diverse cultural perspectives. Therefore, we must understand the trends within the global market.

Moreover, Nelson (2017) asserts that the social concerns about the products play a huge role in the force of sales and marketing within the market. Effecting branding, sales, and marketing will help a magnificent role in promoting the value of the company within the new social arena. Consequently, the company will focus on tackling the ethical concerns and the values attached to the athletic outfits to ensure that no cases of uncertainty. Prominently, athletic and casual shoes attract a very huge market in society and demands effective planning within the market. For an organization to enhance effective mechanisms of handling product issues in the society, critical steps should manifest in their plans in the industry. Therefore, the institute should focus on finding out the gaps in the marketplace to help understand the cognitive and social links within the market. Intuition and proper knowledge gathering will allow the marketing team to identify the existing loophole in the marketing strategies.

Concisely, the launching a new product such as the athletic and casual shoes demands an effective marketing strategy to ensure that the target market has sufficient knowledge of the existence product in the market.


Nelson, D. L., & Quick, J. C. (2017). ORGB⁵: organizational behavior. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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