A bill in 2012 on Sandy Hook

The Michigan House of Representatives and the Possibility of Allowing Weapons in Schools

The Michigan House of Representatives sent a measure to the governor in 2012 that would make it simpler for someone to bring a weapon to school. The House spokesperson claimed that if the policy had been in place sooner after the recent killing at Sandy Hook Elementary School, it might have prevented the deaths of innocent people. (Lecher, 2012). But it's unclear whether permitting teachers to carry weapons will make things safer or make them less safe.

Risks of Increased Violence with Gun Presence

According to research, having a gun in a particular location makes violence more prevalent. For instance, more fatalities have occurred than before in homes where guns are permitted for defense. (Lecher, 2012). Evidence shows that school children know how to handle guns and most FBI homicide data indicates 165 children were killed by other children in possession of guns in 2010. Therefore, in case of children quarrel with others and unfortunately access the gun will lead to more unnecessary deaths (Corbett, 2013).

Potential Dangers to Students and Teachers

Similarly, other studies support that possession of a gun is not a guarantee of personal safety. Evidence from Harvard School of Public Health in 2011 stated that chances of a homicide in homes increased when the gun was around. This situation can also apply in schools whereby possession of the firearms can lead even teachers themselves killing the children in case of anger (Corbett, 2013).

Fear as a Deterrent for Bullies, but Concerns about Adequacy of Training

Conversely, arming teachers can instill fear in children who bully others. The students who plan to cause violence may to some extent fear to organize the bullying actions and concentrate on their studies. However, teachers who are armed leaves a question on the adequacy of their training and doubt of their counsel that comes from the point of imminent force (Corbett, 2013).

Armed Teachers and the Worsening of Homicide Situations in Schools

Armed teachers worsen the situation of homicide in schools. Possession of guns increases the rate of violence in homes regardless of the person holding it. Safety of a person is not 100 percent determined by owning an arm. Although, some fear instilled to bullying students may question the training and counsel of the teachers.


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