360-degree feedback meaning

A process known as 360-degree feedback involves giving people anonymous feedback from those with whom they engage in addition to their own ratings of themselves. This is typically accomplished by asking for feedback from individuals in various roles, specifically: superiors, peers, and subordinates. (Reissig, 4). These evaluations are completed by answering a variety of inquiries on feedback forms.

People can become more conscious of who they are and how that is preventing them from achieving their goals in both individual and collaborative work thanks to the 360-degree feedback survey. The results of the survey are automatically presented in a manner that enables the recipient to come up with an action plan afterward (Wilson, Susan & Michael, 12). As such, 360-degree feedback is a good developmental tool because it offers an opportunity to improve on their weak areas while solidifying their areas of strength since a developmental plan can be crafted from the results.

My Perceived Areas of Strength

• Energy to complete tasks

• Motivational

• Accountable

• Punctual

• Honest

My Perceived Areas of Opportunity

• Insecure

• Lack of empathy

• Too trusting

• Moody

• Stubborn

What I think others Perceive to be My Areas of Strength and Opportunity


• Active listener

• Confident

• Good communicator

• Attention to detail

• Open minded


• Susceptible to bad ideas

• Moody

• No artistic abilities

• Too thorough

• Domineering

Evaluation by Peers

Peer 1


• Hardworking

• Ability to see other individual's point of view


• Can sometimes be easily influenced

• Hot tempered

Peer 2


• Energetic

• Understanding


• Can be ruthless

• Tends to be domineering

Peer 3


• Long term planning

• Blunt


• Lacks short term planning

• Impulsive

Action Plan

An action plan is essential in correcting some of the errors in character revealed by the 360-degree survey and helps one check on the progress they are making as far as attaining the set objectives (Wilson, Susan & Michael, 12). Upon analyzing the feedback, I need to improve on my weak areas such as being too permissive and impulsive.

Goal statement

Following my review I have identified the need to improve on the following character flaws: Domineering, Impulsiveness, not being empathetic, moodiness, insecurity, stubbornness and being too trusting.


• Ensure that I recognize situations that bring out the negative traits.

• Plan alternative ways of dealing with situations that bring out the negative traits.

• Understand other people`s point of view relative to my actions and speech.

• Identify and solve misunderstandings that may bring about a negative image of me.

• Openly ask for advice during times of uncertainty.

Measures of success

• My colleagues interacting comfortably with me during collaborative tasks.

• Reacting appropriately to situations that would have otherwise led to rash decisions.

• People being free to share their problems.

• Being able to recognize when am being manipulated.

• Being able to identify flaws in my thinking or ideas and openly seeking remedies from colleagues.

Time table

• Week 1- Come with a list of various situations and the correct action that should be taken.

• Week 2- Update the list using new situations and the best reactions while looking at the failures experienced with the initial results and coming up with remedies.

• Week 3- Review and update the solutions while observing the level of success attained by each one.

• Week 4- Implement the plan fully.


The 360-degree survey has been eye-opening for I have been able to identify both strengths and areas of improvement that I was previously unaware of. For example, I did not know that I tend to be open-minded and that I fail to show empathy at times. The action plan that I have come up with in response to the feedback will help me nurture and get the most from my current relationships and future relationships.

Works cited

Reissig, Steven. "360-Degree Feedback." Manager (2011). Pp.1-30.

Wilson, Susan B., and Michael S. Dobson. "Goal setting: How to Create an Action Plan and achieve your Goals". AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn, 2008.Pp.12-16.

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