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Academically, the institution of course sequence is the core foundation of learning throughout all subjects particularly science, mathematics and different technology-oriented programs. As such, following the preferred course arrangement is essential for students to be adequately conversant with the program as they development in learning. This arrangement helps a student to first familiarise with the content and gradually build on this preparatory course to dig deeper into the program. Take the example of an undergraduate chemistry curriculum the place prerequisites are crucial for leading college students throughout the entire program. In this case, the knowledge of prevalent chemistry course is required for one to understand and perform properly in an organic chemistry course which in turn prepares students for the successful completion of the principles of chemical processes course. According to Maitra, Shivakumar, & MallikarjunaBabu (2015), the efficient structuring and following of classes contribute to better learning and successful program completion since the fundamental courses are taught earlier than the complex ones. Risks of Taking Courses Out of SequenceAlthough it may not be necessary to follow the course sequence in every instance, there is a significant danger in taking the curriculum organisation for granted. Because classes are mapped according to educational levels, lack of continuity has two main negative implications. The first is that students may fail to grasp the contents of higher level courses due to the lack of prior introduction to the topic. Secondly, the student will have to work extra hard to catch up with those who are already conversant with the course, and this may eventually lead to that student lagging behind permanently. The risk of taking courses out of sequence has grave consequences, and for this reason, experts recommend that curricula arrangement should be maintained. ReferencesMaitra, S., Shivakumar, R., & MallikarjunaBabu, K. (2015). Importance of course sequencing in overall learning. 2015 IEEE 3rd International Conference on MOOCs, Innovation and Technology in Education (MITE). Amritsar, India: IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

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