Wilderness and Liberty

"We can't truly know, nor can we understand absolute liberty, without the wilderness"

due to the fact that in the wilderness is where one can truly recognize and understand oneself.

The idea of attaining absolute liberty is charming since it makes me imagine the wilderness and what position I play in its existence yet I wonder what the world would be without it.

The predominant claim is that nature is the best place to look at the beauty of life by surrendering to freedom and to join with God or in the beliefs a person holds.

More often than not we say that we have the freedom to do as we please.

The query is, do we truly have the liberty to be who we want to be?

There are always forces known or unknown to us that limit us from experiencing the kind of freedom that we as animals crave for.

However, in the wilderness where everything moves at nature's will without humans controlling a single thing, is where profound liberty can be found.

It is the one place where you can just live and let live without any form of judgment, prejudice or malice hanging over your head.

Therefore, when one attains freedom, they are at liberty to soar high whether physically, through deep meditation or spiritually.

The wilderness sits still going through its continuous cycle, day in day out, without ever once interfering with the peace of those that go through it.

Freedom, liberty, and wilderness have a relationship where one cannot be without the other.

We were once truly free when we connected with the wilderness, and that is where the real liberty lies.

We comfort ourselves with the notion that we know freedom, but until we appreciate and become one with nature again, then we will never have liberty.

Hence, most of us will go through life without ever experiencing these sacred and liberating moments, holed up in the huge sanctuaries that civilization has locked us in.

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