What's Bringing African-Americans Back to the South After Leaving in Droves

Thorough Examination of the Idea

Following a thorough examination of the idea outlined in the case video, it becomes clear that it was based on a description of a historical event. It focused on the exodus of black people from the south and the subsequent return of the black community to the south after several years of migration. As a result, the video's thesis could be described as a historical account of the substantial black population movement.

Likely Causes of the Movements

The videos have been enhanced based on the most likely causes of these movements. According to the case video, blacks fled the south after being freed from slavery to seek better opportunities in cities compared to what was obtainable at that time in the south. However, the augments also pointed out that specific factors could be responsible for the return of the blacks to the south. The video attributed the return to the enacted of civil laws and other factors such as the resultant effects of quality education currently available to the black population.

Other Possibilities for the Return to the South

There is a need to conclude by pointing out other possibilities to the explanation for the return of the black to the south. This could be as a result of a high desire of wanting to be associated with their roots. A desire to feel once again what it was like living together in one community with nature, vegetation, lands, and the terrains of the south coupled with the desire for family, love, and friendship. A broad consideration of the points as mentioned above could be a possible explanation for the continued return of the blacks to the south in recent times.

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