What Were Your Goals

I served as college captain for St. Georges Senior School Arizona during my senior year in the school.

This position was once highly valued and only students with correct grades, desirable virtues self-driven and determined were chosen with the aid of other students to represent them as their captain.

My function as a captain involved actively participating in school applications while encouraging other students to get out of their comfort zone and be the change they needed to see in school.

I essentially was supposed to lead by example.

My goals as a student representative

I had three goals which I would say gave me direction as the student representative.

First, I wanted to be an approachable and understandable leader who students would feel free to interact with, ask questions, and air out their concerns.

I believed that this was the only way I would get to represent every kind of group in the school and create unity among the students.

Secondly, I wanted to be a leader who did what is right and one who recognized my fellow colleague's efforts.

Throughout my school life, I was interested in reading more on leadership to sharpen my skills and become a better leader.

I learned from these books and even my own experience that once you recognize people's efforts or reward them, you create a good rapport with them and you build a team of excellence.

This is because they will always want to maintain that level of achievement you recognized and at the end of it all your whole team wins.

Last but not least, I am a leader who believes that every day is a learning day and that no one is a master of all knowledge.

I also would sometimes feel inadequate of knowledge and skills and that is why I always wanted to work with my team and always reached out for help whenever I needed it.

I believed in the magic of teamwork and saw each of my colleagues as an important pillar of growth to move forward.

I would consult whenever in doubt on when I wanted to make a major decision that would have a significant change, and this built trust among my peers as well as the school administration.

These three goals were what I looked forward to achieving every day, and that made me one of the most favorite student representatives at that time.

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