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What the Health documentary on Netflix looks at is the connection among diet and infections. The movie, which is directed by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn presents discussion in certain contentions that need logical grounds. The documentary overstates information to infer their point on eating regimen related illnesses. The essential focal point of the documentary is distorting biology, and in turn, advancing weight control plans that keep away from animal foods.
The primary deception is the point at which the documentary reports that an egg a day decreases life expectancy similarly to smoking five cigarettes. The contention is based on the fact that eggs contain cholesterol that causes plaque buildup in the artery (“What the Health | Netflix”). In any case, the argument based on outdated data since current research shows that the effect of nutrient consumption and smoking are incomparable. The second misrepresentation is the link between meat and cancer. The film misrepresents that processed meat has the same carcinogenic effects as smoking cigarettes. Although the information has scientific grounds, it is exaggerated since recent research does not equate processed meat consumption to the risks of smoking tobacco.
Despite all the misrepresentations, there are instances where the film gets it right. First, the film addresses the issue of red meat as a risk factor for diabetes. In fact, studies conclude that eating highly processed red meat increases the risk of having diabetes by 19%. Secondly, the documentary identifies the use of antibiotics in agriculture as a risk factor for developing health issues. Besides, the film creates awareness of risk factors that may lead to diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart-related conditions.
What the Health shows how diet plays a role in diseases like cancer and diabetes. However, the claims of the film are extreme and do not rely on science. Instead, the film overstates and misrepresents scientific understanding, therefore misinforming the viewers. Therefore, the film requires cautious viewing and viewers need to seek scientific information concerning diet before they take the film as a healthy living guidelines.

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