What Success Means To Me

My Definition of Success

My everyday routines revolve around achieving success. Nonetheless, depending on the context of the application, it may mean different things to different individuals. Essentially, not knowing exactly what success is to a person makes the achievement of success more difficult. As a result, it is important to have a good idea of how to measure success in one's life, and as a result, the process of achieving success becomes more centered. To me, success entails fulfilling my objectives and ambitions. It includes a successful execution of a mission that, in retrospect, I doubt I could have done any better. To succeed in my semester is to complete course assignments on time and in an excellent manner and receive better grades, while success in my career means realizing the goals of my studies. The outcome, in this case, should be good with a valuable lesson and experience.

Importance of College

I am in college to learn and lay a foundation for my future career, which will be an essential component of my success. Being in college will prepare me for work and make me flexibility in the industry while seeking better opportunities. It will also give me a foundation to adapt to the changing business conditions throughout my life, have better health and a stable family. Being in college is a 'big deal' to me as it forms part of my plans to achieve my set goals.

Goals for the Semester

My goal for the semester is to be organized, create and stick to study schedule and attend office hours. Being organized helps in staying on track throughout the semester, sticking to study schedules helps in ensuring every aspect of the semester is covered and going to office hours helps in consultations.

Measuring Success

Being successful means achieving every plan of life including education, career, marriage, and later having a better life void of regrets. It entails completing set goals and projects within the particular duration and with given amount of efforts and resources. I will know when I become successful when I achieve the desired outcome. The outcome may be in relation to my semester exams, my overall college result, or career opportunity. In this regard, furthermore, I will know when I am successful if I pass my semester exams and participate effectively in co-curricular activities.

Behaviors for Success

The three behaviors I need to have to be successful this semester include being determined, organized, and goal-oriented throughout the semester. The important behaviors for success, as mentioned in St. John's video, include being conscious and natural in whatever actions one undertakes. As such, I would like to adopt the following study habits this semester: apply my effective learning style, create realistic goals, follow a structured study time, attend all classes, join a study group, have adequate sleep, be focused and persistent, as well as be determined to achieve my semester goals.


In conclusion, success means achieving a desired outcome or goal. Achieving success in college requires behavioral changes and adequate initiative to establish clear metrics for success, based on a strong vision. The same principles apply to managing my life and career.

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