What is Nursing Informatics?

Nursing and Technological Advancements

Nursing is now vastly improved because to technological advancements. A simple digital thermometer allows nurses to quickly assess a patient's temperature, while a finger heart rate monitor provides the patient's current heart rate by simply connecting it to the patient's finger. Yet, advances in medicine are always being made as a result of the advent of health informatics technologies. During the person's treatment, information technology and electronics contributed to this progress in medical research. Another word for this discipline is clinical informatics. Clinical informatics is defined as the application of advance communication systems in order to enhance the patient’s health care and it may also develop a better relationship between the patients and their attending medical doctors.

Informatics in Nursing

Informatics in nursing or simply called nursing informatics can be identified as a subclass of health informatics that specifically attends to the nurses’ interactions with new systems in healthcare technology. It is also determined to have an increased role of putting the medical records in a database and delegate it to their medical groups to supervise the shift of nursing situations in their electronic medical records.


Nursing informatics is significantly crucial especially in emergencies that require a minute amount of time for the patient to survive like in accidents. Biomedical equipment, deemed to be of very important use, is the electronic health record. It might be taken for granted but it is one of the most task-reducing equipment in a station. It reduces the amount of work needed to record a patient’s vital signs. Also, transition of healthcare information is significantly easier since all the records are in a database and all the nurse needs to do is to input the name and look at the record. It avoids misplacement of health notes and reduces the chance of losing the patients records.


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