Welfare Reform

A welfare reform is a given amendment in the set-ups of federal government’s societal welfare policies. The main reason for undertaking a welfare reform is for the functions of reducing the administration’s deficit expenditure, minus wasting any given amount of money. In this report, it discusses the credibility of two awesome articles. The first article is based on the “The Myth of Welfare’s Corrupting Influence on the Poor”. On the other end, the second article talks about the a number reasons as to why reform welfare should be undertaken. The main motive of the first article, focuses on whether the incorporation of reform welfare in the social undertakings, is a one way to corrupt the poor. Does it?

Well, in this report, there is a realization of mixed opinions when it comes to the overall influence of welfare to the poor (Albelda, 67). For instance, according to one Charles Murray, he believes that welfare reforms are just mechanisms that enlightens illegitimacy. In the second article, there is a discussion on the various reasons as to why there is the need to reform various welfares. For example, Paul Ryan, a republican member, asserts that the welfares needs reforms because the current welfare undertakings are somewhat redundant and wasteful.

In the first article, it emphasizes on the question as to whether the social welfare reforms in the US are a way to influence corruption to the poor. Nevertheless, it is of great importance to identify a misconception on the article that asserts that welfares does not achieve the expected changes (Sawicky, 59). From a given point of view, one can tell that it is a form of myth. Basically, welfare reforms have for the recent past, brought tremendous benefits to the citizens of the US as a whole. For example, as a result of the incorporation of social welfare reforms, the congress was able to ratify both the Work Opportunity Act as well as to the Personal Responsibility act.

As a result of this, the government was able to lessen its overall spending. It is therefore a form of a misconception. In the second article, it highlights the various reasons as to why social welfare reforms should be undertaken (Piven, 169). Nevertheless, there is a delusion that social welfare reforms heartens dependency, rather than bracing the citizens out of poverty. It is not true since welfare programs have led to the reduction of poverty in an array of countries. For example, the cash payments assist the poor in buying of basic needs including food commodities. It is not true since reports indicates that cash reimbursements are not used to purchase drugs as perceived by some of the people.

The first article as already mentioned above, takes turn emphasizing as to whether the incorporation of social welfare reforms is an influence to corrupt the poor. From a certain mindset, one can tell that social welfare reforms have got both its positive as well as to the negative influences on poor. In one recent study, there was the observation of tremendous benefits that comes aboard the practice of social welfare. For example, the practice of cash welfare programs, assist greatly in the modification of a child’s upbringing. For example, as a result of the welfare programs, there is the enlightenment of a child’s endurance as a result of their receiving of the basic commodities. Welfare undertakings also helps a child in fulfilling and achieving their set educational attainments.

It is often as a result of the school fee programs that goes directly to the accounts of their various schools. Social welfare programs also does not only assist a child in enriching its overall nutrition, but also assists in their attainment of income by the time they reach the adulthood (Cohen, 27). On the other hand, the second article focusses on the reasons as to why there is a need to reform the various welfares. In this article, it highlights viable reasons and their results, in the moment that modifications are undertaken in the welfare programs. For example, alterations are needed on the social welfare programs as they have been found to be tools that stimulates dependence of the people, rather than elevating the people themselves out of poverty. For example, statistics indicates that as at the year 1966, the total number of people who were living below the poverty line stood at 14.7 percent. In contrary, the ratio rose to 15.0 percent as at the year 2011. It is somewhat an indication that from a given point of view, social welfare programs do actually inspires the overall dependence of the people as a whole.

Which source is more Credible?

In the first report, as already mentioned above, its main focus is as to whether the practice of social welfare programs encourages a form of corruption to the poor. In this article, it highlights both the positive as well as to the negative standings of the question. On the other hand, the second article, highlights the distinctive reasons as to why a change is an important factor towards the social programs (Cohen, 89). For example, there is a claim that the social welfare programs are fiscally unjustifiable, particularly to the means-tested welfare programs. From the above analysis, one can tell that both the two articles are credible in their own dimensions. They both have positive as well as to the negative conclusions with a basis on the topic of discussion. Discussed below are the reasons as to why both the two articles are credible;

The first article: As already mentioned above, is it true that social welfare programs tend to influence a form of corruption to the poor? It might be true as a result of a recent research that highlights the level of the poor’s dedication towards undertaking various deeds. For instance, most of the poor citizens currently, as said by professor Hoynes, are somewhat increasing their dependency towards the provisions of social welfare programs. It is an undertaking that frequently lead to the supply of incompetent persons to undertake various tasks. On the other end, the incorporation of welfare programs have also brought about various benefits to the US as a whole(Piven, 169). For example, as already mentioned above, it leads to a child’s improvement in health and nutrition standards as well as to their attainment of set education goals.

Second article: Its main focus relies on the reasons as to why a change is vital for the various social welfare programs. It makes the document credible as a result of its sin-depth discussion on the specific reasons as to why there is the need for modification(Albelda, 35). For example, there is the need to change as a result of the current policies of the welfare programs than rather deem to be inefficient as well as to being redundant in nature. At the same time, the document can be said to be credible as a result of the welfare’s stimulation of dependence of the poor on the government, rather being self-reliant.


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