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Students must earn at least a C or the equivalent of 12 credits in a prescribed course. Since completing the classes, the students’ writing skills will have been illustrated and improved through a variety of tasks. The Gordon Rule is intended for students pursuing writing or mathematics courses. Courses are divided into composition literature, humanities, social sciences, and mathematics. The aim of learning writing and mathematics skills is to stop using slang language and to develop communication skills that follow international standards. The ability of students to express themselves in an effective and appropriate manner is the aim of Gordon Rule.
The Objectives of the Gordon Rule

Assimilation of the concepts covered during the course

The process of learning how to write and read correctly, it helps students to understand the concepts taught in class. The idea of studying is a way to make students go through the concepts outside class and after lessons s to enable them get the ideas into their mind.

The articulation of ideas

Written English entails a variety of elements that include grammar, pronunciations, and spellings. However, the Gordon Rule is objected to enabling students to manage in writing better English. However, many examinations are tested in the English language, which forces every student to learn English and be good in both writing and pronunciation. Apart from tests in examinations, presentations and speeches are made in the English language that requires non-native speakers to spend more time in learning the ideas and exercising the use of the written language.

The Expected Student Outcomes after Learning Writing

The presentation of ideas by students after the learning process is expected to be precise and be able to support the raised claims. The provision of possible evidence and defending the suggested ideas is the core factor in the writing process. Te elements of a high-level standard should be exercised with accurate and consistent employment of the use of grammar, spellings, and punctuations. The audiences are never the same hence the ability of the students is required to convey the set arguments in a variety of contexts that the selected audience will be able to understand.

Texting and Its Unique Language

Texts are written with the aid of the learned English language or any other language. Phonology and pronunciations can be used as a booster to the writing of good language. Some of the students are learning English as the second language. Nevertheless, most of them are influenced by the first language and the use of slang. Phonetics is the sounds of words that are pronounced. The study of phonology consists of the learning of sound systems of a language and the attached phonetics to the target linguistic. The phonetics can either be included or excluded based on the scholarly objectives of the study. Sound systems and speech sounds are the essential components of that a language is made of and can be used to tell more about a certain language. A close concentration to the sounds and speech relationships help to understand the phonology of a language culture.

The pronunciation of words and other speech related sounds depends on the background of the culture and the sound effects used among the group members. The tongues of the people also determine the sounds produced when pronouncing words (Raimy & Cairns, 2015). Some of the populace is not able to twist the tongue and give out the required sounds; hence, they produce similar sounds to the specific words or voices. Speech and the history and theory of sound in a language change in related languages.

Reasons for teaching English phonetics and phonology

Languages used in Europe can have unique characteristics from other words, but English has words that can contain the same vowels with different pronunciations. English is one of the languages that are idiosyncratic and include many features that are not the same as those found in other languages. The English language has many vowels that have difficult processes that alternate and weaken the length of the words. For instance, words like compete, competitive, and competition have almost similar pronunciations and vowels that can confuse the users. Apart from creating confusion in usage, the meaning is often misused as they all seem to mean the same thing but from different perspectives and scenes.

Stress placement in words is arbitrary and frequently not predictable during usage. The words can be stressed in many ways depending on the users and the cultures the people were raised. The effect of the words in life usage depends on the feelings and emotions created when the people make use of the words and the kind of feelings they are expressing. For example, a word like Hey can be used to pass greetings when the stress on the word is reasonable, and the sound produced in a friendly manner. However, the word Hey can be used to express harshness when the sound produced is aimed at giving caution to the receiver of the information. The intonation of the English language tends to have a complex and higher functional load than other languages in the world.

Apart from the concern of native English speakers, the knowledge of phonetics and phonology should be learned to help them make better use of the language. When the phonetics and phonologies are understood, it becomes easier to understand the needs of students and create effective ways of handling them in learning the English language (Gut, Fuchs, & Wunder, 2015). The use of phonetics makes the language more interesting and brings meaning to how and when some words can be used in life. Peter said in an interview with Anne Linthe of the Cambridge University Press, “If somebody came to you and asked for advice because they were getting headaches, or they were getting persistent pains in their knees or something, you could think of some homely advice that you would give them, and it might well result in them improving. But it’s not the same as knowing how the body works, and the nature of human illnesses and that kind of thing”. Learning a foreign language will be so easy with the help of the use of phonetics and phonology that not many teachers in school use the idea. It is so interesting to learn the sounds and voices produced when pronouncing some words to help maintain the native voices and make the language an easy task to learn unlike when the learning process is undertaken without any other methodologies that can motivate students. “It is really a matter of the importance of having some background knowledge that helps you to understand the learners’ problems,” Peter Roach.

Implication And Beyond

The Use of Slang

The interesting part of any language is slang. People of different ages in time come up with phrases and words that have a specific meaning that the people making use of the terms can only understand. The origin of the slang language comes from the subcultures within a society. The subcultures of any society can comprise of the armed forces, occupational groups, religious groups, minorities, teenagers, and residential groups. The slang phrases that a group uses help the subculture in having an understanding that the group can use to communicate while other surrounding groups cannot be able to take a point of the discussion or conversation. The slang language in some way is used as a way of keeping information within the required category of people.

However, frequent usage of the slang terms in the society get absorbed into the community, and the wider culture can adopt the terms and use them in engaging in conversations using the terms introduced by a certain group. The spread slang language is because of the usage of specific slang terms. The wide usage of the terms by the people in the society create the urge of wanting to understand the meaning of the term because of the need of understanding one another while passing information or investigating on an issue from a group of people that have their phrases that are used when communicating.

Social Group and Attribute Labels

Language and social groups have a close relationship. A group can be combined with labels that can include; talk or speech, as used in hick talk or surfer speech. Such patterns were also found to be used within the region such as NorCal talk. The most common labels that were widely used in the region were hill-billies and rednecks. However, such labels have not been widely used among the people. In the tallying process of the phrases used, some phrases were used that include cowboys, desert folk, white trash, farmers, and twangy.

Advantages of slang language

The society has a set of groups that have similar issues that bind the group members and bring them together with the same agenda. For example, the terminologies the police officers can use to convey messages among themselves cannot be the same to the slang language that the youths use while having fun or communicating. The secrets of a group of people in the society are kept well considering the set individuals who use the language and understand. The use of slang language is an advantage to the users of a set of language to have a safe and protected communication that will not reveal the information to the people who are not required to get the information.

The slang language is normally brought out of the innovations and technological advancements that are created in the current world. Some of the terms used in the current technological period were not in use before. The decision of the people to make use of the new terms better in using them in communication, the words are modified in ways that can fit the society and the entire group within a geographical location. For example, the use of a computer science terminology in the system cannot be expected to be learned by an elderly person who has retired and is serving mental and physical changes due to old age.

The slang language aids in maintaining respect among the people in the society. For example, the slang term Bop or Bopa is used to refer to a type of girl who can have sex with anyone else. Having sex with anyone is a symbol of being loose and can be equated to prostitution. Rather than using the term prostitute to refer to the girl who has no control in saying no to any guy who requests to have sex with her, the slang language hides the shame and uses a term that can only be understood by the people who move with the current events.

Disadvantages of slang language

The use of slang destroys the meaning of original words and terms that have been used for some time. In some cases, the terms used in slang are a modification of the dictionary words to make it easier to use hence killing the language and destroying its rules. The personification of words and giving the words new spellings and meanings erodes the culture and ego of a language that can lead to the destruction of ethnicity and create a barrier to communication. The scholars who learn foreign languages use the recorded and preserved languages in the international forums to equip them with the foreign languages. When the languages are destroyed and given new spellings and meaning, the foreign scholars cannot be able to determine the right words to learn and those not to learn.

The new terms that get included in the communication channel create a barrier of communication between the age groups. The older generation does not know the terms the young generation incorporate. The use of the slang language creates a threat to the future leaders that te people as a state will have. Communication with other countries and political leaders can be a great challenge due to the distorted language in the society.


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