Ukiyo-e Influence on Modern Art

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Ukiyo-e is a Japanese style of literature which translates to a floating world picture. The types of art had been produced between the 17th -20th century and made from woodblock prints. The initial pictures were made in black and white. Demand for greater shades and improvements in the painting noticed an introduction of color, added with the aid of brush over the original black and white portrait. Using each black and white plus the color, made the picture extra expensive, forcing the painters to invent new methods in the mid 18thcentury, which consisted of a couple of blocks, each with a special color. The first Ukiyo-e paintings have been a combination of literature and graphics, whilst they also covered personal haiku poetry. In the late 18th century , more colorful, and expressive arts were created to invoke the romanticism of Japanese poetry. Later more painters begun depicting women, such as geisha and courtesans printed on massive sheets of paper. In the 19th century, focus shifted to western perspectives techniques, which meant a decline in quality and quantity. The painters also faced competition from photography after its invention.
Modern art has evolved in the 21st century as they focus on individual expressionism, while the methods used include western influences including mixed media and screen printing. The style has also changed with artists incorporating more natural forms, geometric modernism, and religious undertones. Modern art also incorporates sculptural landscape prints, and impressions made from inking and printing, with more jagged edges instead of the old smooth lines. Other recent artists curve their designs on the blocks directly using knives, mimicking a painter using a brush. Hence, their products are more expressionistic and experimental.

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