TV shows Greys Anatomy and House Comparison

The Role of Nurses in Television Shows: Grey's Anatomy and House Comparison

The majority of television programmes are made to reflect societal events. TV shows are shown in satirical way to provide both enjoyment and teachings for the welfare of the world. Grey's Anatomy is one of the most popular shows on television that features doctors. The show depicts the various discrepancies in the hospital environment and what occurs in the hospital. The show emphasizes the contrasting roles of nurses and doctors, as well as the importance nurses play in an individual's recovery. A comparison with the TV show house further affirms the role that nurses play in the recovery of patients. Both shows portray nurses as supportive people who are there to ensure that the society is stabilized and people lead a healthy life. The two shows hence reveal the inner happenings of the hospital and extensive activities that take place in a hospital through outlining the role of each medical practitioner in the hospital. Both shows also highlight the life of medics off the show such as covering themes of relationships and romance and also highlighting issues of concern such as homophobia.

Greys Anatomy and House Comparison

In the show Greys Anatomy the nurses were portrayed in a realistic form in their capacity as caregivers in the hospital helping doctors to administer treatment. The clothing they had was also realistic as they had to wear outfits that are worn by nurses in the normal hospitals. In both shows, the nurses wore a uniform that has the same color but distinguished from that of doctors. They are also portrayed as educated and intelligent in their performance in the show. Through their activities of detecting the danger signs in a patient and helping to offer emergency care while doctors away show how intelligent the nurses are in the show. The show house paints nurses as even more critical members of the society who are intelligent as they work closely with the doctors. Nurses play a major role in assessing symptoms of recovery and treatment which is intelligence.

Respectful Treatment of Nurses in Greys Anatomy and House

The nurses are also addressed respectfully by members of the show. In the show Greys Anatomy the doctors have an informal relationship that leads them to call nurses by their name. House also shows nurses respectfully treated and acknowledged by their title and surname. Greys Anatomy is a better recommendation compared to House. Greys Anatomy contains different activities that nurses do and therefore is ideal to recommend to a person who intends to pursue nursing to see how critical the role of nurses is to a hospital and the tasks they perform. A person who aspires to study nursing through going through this will be motivated to enhance performance and know whether to pursue nursing.

Realism in TV Shows Compared to Johnson and Johnson's Video

To summarize, the images in the two shows appear to be more realistic compared to those in the Johnson and Johnson's video. The video appears to have an exaggerated feed that does not expose the negative parts of being a nurse. The two shows expose the role of nurses through different personalities which do not appear to be the case in the video. The images in the video do not appear realistic; they portray the perspective of people acting as a way of proving a point which is not the case in the show Greys Anatomy and House.

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