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I am writing to share my confidence in your business as an expert in information technology. Following your recent article in the New York Times, I felt the need to reach out to your important, philanthropic and well-established firm. The question raised by the study about your company’s need for the creation of a cost-effective cloud service.
My previous experience and professional record make me a significant addition to the organization. I have a degree in computer science and a minor in mathematics and business. I also have comprehensive knowledge of Java and I respond to native C++. I can work well either under pressure or with no supervision at all. My instinct in problem-solving drove me into seeking this position. I have demonstrated leadership through working for ten years on a full-time basis while also attending to my studies. Through this, I have learned to manage property, time and even take responsibility when the need arises.

Seemingly, exploiting new ideas such as coming up with the cost-effective program for cloud services demonstrates my creativity and innovativeness. I feel that I will not only play a significant role as data manager but also show my competence ability to put up with new knowledge and focus it in to practice. I believe such qualities will power Microsoft to another new level.

I share a common belief that this position requires a person who has an extensive knowledge of software development, database administration, and network management. I am entirely motivated to build up teams that would encourage creativity and promote new ideas which will help in coming up with an appropriate solution for cost-effective services. My organization and communication skills display in my work experience. With my background in Information technology, I will be able to facilitate beneficial economic impacts to the company and also protect its interest. Thank you for your consideration and time, I look forward to a positive response.

Yours faithfully,


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