The Yang and Yin theological idea in Chinese Culture

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In studying the Chinese faith, the principle of Yang and Yin is essential (Wang 215). The Yang and Yin religion idea reflects a circle form sign that helps decipher how things function in the Chinese religion. While the inner black and white circle symbolizes the relationships of this dynamism known as Yang and Yin, the outer portion of the circle symbolizes all. Importantly, it is worth noting that the represented dynamism governs all that happens in life, thus recognizing the Chinese religion, according to the Yin and Yang principle. Yang is connected to having qualities and appearance that is traditionally related to men concerning strength and hostility while Yin is linked to qualities and appearance that is historically related to women, particularly on delicacy and attractiveness. Moreover, Yin is connected with aspects that have a particular atmosphere of strangeness or secrecy such as cold, weak with a tiger symbol while Yang is ruminated by phenomena such as day, sky, and the symbol of Yang is Dragon (Wang 216).

Yang and Yin are not opposing forces, but they are free in that they help in making up the phenomena’s of the life. Thus, it can be concluded that Yang and Yin have no immoral or malice in their teachings. Additionally, Yang and Yin are partial in cooperating with one another in a well-adjusted and balanced manner as required by the natural law with the aim of giving desirable outcome and avoiding calamity (Wang 217).

According to the Chinese culture, there is a balance that should stand since it applies to life and nature (Wang 220). For instance, one cannot take from the earth repeatedly without giving back because it will leave the universe a skeleton. Thus, through the concept of Yang and Yin, it becomes possible to understand Chinese religion and parts of its culture.

Work Citation

Wang, Robin R. “Understanding of Yin Yang.” Religion Compass 7.6 (2013): 214-224.

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