The Writer describes the Place Using Subjective Description

In the descriptive essay, the author describes the library in a biased manner. (Kane 256)

First, the author identifies the library as a special location. This description is based on the author's unique perception of the library. Additionally, the writer's depiction of the library is more individualized. For instance, the author describes the scent of the library. The writer uses the scent as an example of how amazing it is, reflecting his or her personal opinion of the smell. Furthermore, the author uses strong emotions to convey the location. In the essay, the writer is inspired by the smell of books to succeed. Generally, from this examples, the writer uses a subjective description in describing the library.

Guiding Principle

The guiding principle is clearly illustrated in the essay from how the author selects the details of the place (Kane 253). The writer describes the details, followed by his or her impression of the detail. In summary, the writer says the smell of books, shelves, dust, and people makes the place feel lively. Moreover, the student clarifies that books are arranged alphabetically arranged for easy identification. Dwelling on the same observation, the writer explains that arranging book alphabetically will save time and promote proficiency when using the library. Furthermore, the author goes further and explains there was a place for reading newspapers which could give students update on social media trends. The guiding principle, in this case, is observing the detail and giving the impression of it.

Organization Principle of the Description

The organizing principle of the essay is progressive. The writer describes the details progressively form when he or she entered the library for the first time. The writer explains the moment he or she entered the library and goes on to describe the inner details. For instance, the author says the place had large unfamiliar doors. After getting inside, the author gives us the overall view of the library. The writer tells us, the different groups of students who were reading and some discussing in low tones. Additionally, the writer explains the large windows and powerful lights which makes the library outstanding. The author explains the appearance of the library, starting with the general details progressively to the smaller details in a systematic manner (Kane 254).

Details that are Distracting

The essay has some details which are distracting. For example, when the author describes the sweat of students working hard in the library seemed off in a logical aspect. The act of reading in the library is not physical activity; it is a mental process. Rarely can an individual sweat because of reading. Hence, the inclusion of students sweating in the essay was not logical. Furthermore, reading takes energy, and mostly it is evident for an individual to feel angry. The detail of the author skipping meals is somehow 'off' too.

Use of Figurative Language

The writer uses figurative language in some instances when crafting the essay. For instance, the writer describes the unique scent of the library as the smell of new ideas every time the writer enters the library. This comparison makes the reader understand the library is a source of new ideas. Likewise, the author explains that the library was a secret that had been hidden from him or her and had now been revealed. This statement gives the reader a personalized view of how important the library was to the reader. Hence, the figurative language proved useful in the essay.

Suggestions for Revision

After critically evaluating the essay, it should be a subjective description. In the essay conclusion, the writer describes the library description as objective. I would recommend the writer to revise the sense of the approach to be subjective since the author expresses personal perceptions of the various details in the library.

Work Cited

Kane, Thomas S. The new Oxford guide to writing. Oxford University Press, USA, 1994.

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